Before you can figure out your story's plot line, you need to learn a little more about your heroine; who is she? What makes her tick?

Here are some of my favourite posts to help you begin analyzing how you're designed. I am always researching and exploring new ideas that evoke a special flicker in me - that sense of self-knowledge and expanding self-awareness - and I share these ideas on this website. Once you begin to unlock some of your important character traits, you can begin to seek out tools, amulets and even ideas that help you journey down your personal path of success. Beginning by leaning on astrology is a really great place to start. So let's go!


Step 1: Get the information

Before beginning, we need to know where each of your signs are. Hunt down your birth time - the specific time - to properly enter your birth chart. You'll also need to enter your birthdate, and the city you were born in.

Step 2: Decode your Big Signs

There are three signs that I give a little extra weight; while all your signs are important, these three signs can help you dip your toes in the water, and help you get a grasp on how all your signs work together.

Step 3: Your first Big Shift

Your Saturn Return is the first big energetic shift in your life; around the age 27-31. It takes Saturn 29 1/2 years to orbit the sun, and when it returns home to the spot it was when you were born, major shifting happens.

Step 4: Your Big Theme

The placement of your North and South Nodes in your chart are they keys to understanding what your past self has been through, and what your current self has to explore in a big picture way.