Sister Companion to the 2019 Moon Calendar (jan - mar)

Sister Companion to the 2019 Moon Calendar (jan - mar)


Introducing the Sister Companion to the 2019 Moon Calendar.

The Sister Companion is an in-depth cosmic report on the shifting celestial bodies in the sky from the months of January to March. As part of an ongoing seasonal series, the Sister Companion offers a deeper look at cosmic energetic shifts so you can enhance your understanding of astrology and how it applies to your life. What can you expect to feel when Mercury shifts into Capricorn? How can you prepare for a Supermoon or a Partial Solar Eclipse? What does it mean that Chiron, the Wounded Healer (representing our Deepest Wound), will shift into Aries until 2027?

In this broken down Sister Companion to the 2019 Moon Calendar, sink deeper into astrological events to help you improve your personal awareness and self-discovery, while connecting to those around you through the collective spirit.

Download the Sister Companion to the 2019 Moon Calendar to help you navigate this year’s changing energies, and follow along with me @roguewoodsupply on instagram for further weekly insight for each changing lunar cycle.


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