Home Stones: A Guide to Using Crystals at Home

Home Stones: A Guide to Using Crystals at Home


Home Stones: A Guide to Using Crystals at Home is your digital companion to enhancing the good vibes in your home. Expanding off Stones: An Essential Guide, Home Stones focuses on enhancing your awareness on your home’s energy and how to use crystals effectively within your home’s walls. Whether you are beginning your crystal journey or you have already become completely obsessed, this e-book offers a comprehensive outline to using stones, crystals and minerals in your home, office and garden.

In this 40-page e-book, you'll discover how to create perimeter grids that affect the entire energy of the home, including plan view blueprints to help you customize your space; which stones to specifically place in every room, and even how to design basic, intermediate, and next-level altar grids.

Learn which stones to place on different levels in the home; what to do for apartments, condos, and even duplex and triplexes, and how to work with the space you have, regardless of which rooms make up your home.

You’ll also receive hyperlinks to each crystal I list in this guide, so you know exactly what stone you’re looking for.

Formatted as a PDF to be saved to your desktop, iPad or iPhone.


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