General Reading

General Reading


Do you want to get a deeper understanding of your unique energy?

In your General Reading, I calculate your astrological birth chart and Human Design bodygraph to give you an in-depth look at the most effective way to use your energy system while receiving cosmic insight and guidance from the stars. I often teach others how to read this information themselves in my online course Mystic Academy, but I can appreciate that some people would rather have this information interpreted for them, so I want to do that for you. This information is so helpful and valuable to know for enhanced personal awareness and self-realization.

In your General Reading, I decode 14 celestial bodies in your birth chart, including your Sun and Moon, all the planets, Chiron, and your North and South Nodes. I’ll dissect your Personal, Interpersonal and External Signs, including any Element Dominance in your chart and how you can work with it to design a life that just feels good. And I’ll use simple language so you can actually understand it all.

We’ll also explore your Human Design Type, Inner Authority, Strategy, important Gates and Channels, and a couple other cool areas in your HD bodygraph - like your ideal Environment to be in to actually nourish your unique energy. You’ll receive practical ways to evoke change in your life while respecting your unique energy and how best to work with it.

Upon purchase, a form will pop up asking for your name and birth information; I then use that information to calculate your charts. I also ask a couple questions to help me look for insight into your deepest questions and desires.


- your name
- birth date
- birth city and country
- exact birth time

Unfortunately if you do not have the birthdate, birth place and exact birth time, I will not be able to read your charts.


You will receive an audio report of me explaining the important areas in both your charts and how you can use this information to design a life that feels good. You’ll also receive a PDF package that shows the visual details of your charts. I include brief notes on each placement so you can visually follow along with your audio explanations.

You will receive your PDF package and audio recordings in 2 - 7 business days.

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