Crystal Reading Course for Crystal Collectors

Crystal Reading Course for Crystal Collectors


Are you ready to see your crystals in a whole new way? In this self-governing course, you will learn how to use the crystals in your personal collection for simple, effective crystal readings. 

Learn at your own pace, or dive right in! In this 27-page downloadable guide, you'll learn how to enhance your intuitive abilities through crystal readings using the crystals you've already collected.

This course is an easy, basic introduction to crystal reading, and is suitable for beginners and intermediate crystal collectors. Included is a list of 58 crystals and their special attributes used specifically for crystal readings. You'll learn about a few special stones, how to do readings for yourself and other people, and you'll learn the unique placement of each stone during an individual reading.

You'll also learn how to customize your crystal reading collection, and how to divine with additional stones that are not included in our 58-crystal guide.

This comprehensive course will give you all the tools needed to perform quick effective crystal readings for yourself and others.


When you purchase this course, you will receive the download link to your inbox that will only last 24 hours. Please open and download the course immediately - even if you only want to learn later! - because your link will expire.

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