Botanical Grimoire Volume III

Botanical Grimoire Volume III


The Rogue Wood Botanical Grimoire Volume III is the mystical guide to using plants for wellness. Much like crystals, each plant has a property and trait that you can access and use in your personal wellness rituals.

Our relationship to the plant kingdom used to be vital to the success of our mystical and practical lives, but the convenience of modern living has pulled us away from where our roots first began to sprawl.

Did you know that dicing up parsley can unknowingly “end” certain events, ideas, people or things in your life? With that type of wisdom, you can choose your thoughts more carefully while cooking dinner - or finally “end” a toxic thought pattern!

In this 25-page e-book, you'll discover what herbs to use for smoke cleansing to remove negativity from your space, and which plants to burn to push energy into your space, such as healing, love and growth.

Learn how to use specific plants dynamically, like roses (petals, blooms, and rosehips) to create potent romance magic. Or ranunculus to protect the children living in your home.

Learn how to use specific plants to capitalize on their traits, like tossing marigold blossoms in your bathwater to attract financial luck and abundance.

You’ll also receive hyperlinks to crystals, moon rituals, and more that I list in this guide, so you know exactly how to design wellness rituals that work for you.

Formatted as a PDF to be saved to your desktop, iPad or iPhone.


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