Printable 2019 Moon Calendar (Digital Volume)

Printable 2019 Moon Calendar (Digital Volume)


The Printable 2019 Moon Calendar (Digital Volume) is your epic cosmic companion to reconnect you to the energetics happening up in the sky all year long.

The 2019 Moon Calendar outlines the moving celestial bodies in the sky, to help you become increasingly aware of how your personal reality is being influenced, and how it is part of a larger collective, all influenced by the stars! Moon cycles, zodiac seasons, retrograde cycles, eclipses, supermoons and unique cosmic events are all outlined to support you in enhancing your universal and personal awareness. This year’s calendar includes a summary breakdown of each planet and what it represents, paired with deconstructed, simplified lunar orbs representing our radically transforming internal and external realities. You'll always know what influence is on the horizon with brief monthly insight, and the option to decode each celestial movement and how it will affect you with the in-depth sister companion to deeply explain each month’s energetics.

The 2019 year is going to start off with change and excitement - and aren’t we ready for it? With a partial solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, supermoon, and more all in January, this year’s calendar is designed to break things down for you to support you in feeling powerful, deeply aware, and fully embodied in your Energetic Self.

Download the Printable 2019 Moon Calendar to help you navigate this year’s changing energies, and follow along with me @roguewoodsupply on instagram for further weekly insight for each changing lunar cycle.

Thank you for loving this calendar series as much as I do. It is such a pleasure to make, and helps me stay accountable all year, too!


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