Mystic Academy
Birth Chart Calculator

In the birth chart calculator, please enter your exact birth information, including your birth date, birth time and birth city. This information lets us know the exact placement of the celestial bodies, signs and houses of your chart at the moment you were born!

A pie-like chart will appear in a new page. You will be provided with a brief report that outlines all the placements within your chart, with some brief descriptions. We will look deeper at these core planets so you can interpret them more dynamically than this chart provides.

Once you’ve entered your correct information, select Natal Horoscope to calculate. A new window will open with your information.

Print your red, yellow, blue and green pie graph to reference for Mystic Academy, or keep it as a bookmark so you can reference it through our course.

Common technical concerns

Is your birth city not appearing? Some smaller cities will not be listed. If the population is too small, your city or town will not populate. If this happens for you, please refer to the nearest large city in your area.

Is your birth time exact? Entering an exact birth time is essential in accessing accurate results. The celestial bodies are constantly moving in the sky, so entering an approximation like 7:00 AM instead of 7:23 AM could actually have very different results. Please refer to your birth certificate, a baby book, or ask a parent if they remember! If this information is not correct, your Ascendant Sign and Houses may not be correct.

Don’t forget to double check you are entering AM or PM for your birth time.

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