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Valentine's Day Colour Therapy

Whoever said pink and red don't go together needs a serious lesson on chromotherapy (and maybe some clever fashion trends). Chromotherapy, or colour therapy, is the practice of healing through colour, based on how our eyes interpret light. And what better colour to analyze for the upcoming V-Day than pink and red? Check out how these two colours affect your mood and vibe:

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Valentine's Day tarot spread

Seriously coupled or seriously looking, check out our Valentine's Day spread to get some insight from the cards on your romantic life. This spread can be used if you're in an established relationship for more insight on the strengths and weaknesses in the partnership, or it can be used to help you self-reflect on what you need (and can offer) in a future relationship.

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Vibes and feelings for 2017

Did anyone else's inspiration boards on Pinterest get positively chubby after the holidays? I crammed mine full of feel good, tingly messages of hope, dedication and focus... and of course a couple sassy ones about Kanye and Drake. I decided to whip up some more sassy posters centred around moving into a new year with a fresh outlook. I hope you love 'em! And don't forget to pin them to your own boards.

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