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Happy Women's Day! Nine rad entrepreneurs you need to know

Happy International Women's Day! Some countries celebrate this day as a national holiday, giving employed women a reprieve from their work life. But there are some women out there who never stop working, not even if her native country declares that she should. 

Currently, my laptop is sitting in its go-to position on my lap, an Apple logo nearly imprinted on my leg. My son is weaved against me like the most intricate little scarf, and he's holding my iPhone, waiting for Paw Patrol to load on our shitty, country internet. He's not usually allowed on our phones, but I'm desperate to keep him quiet while we wait for dad to get milk in town, and I plug away at some of the things overdue on my list.

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How to smoke cleanse with Birch

We're trying to do our part in promoting awareness around some of the over-harvested smoke cleansing items out there, primarily the ones that have become "trendy" in New Age spirituality. These trendy items are white sage, palo santo, rosewood and more, but we are focusing on these three, specifically, because these three are the ones we used to offer in our shop.

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Am I Indigenous Enough?

My maiden name is Murdock. Nicole Murdock. An Indigenous name, for an Indigenous woman. Aboriginal. First Nations. Native. A full status Indian in the eyes of the Government of Canada thanks to the status card that I carry in my wallet. My dad is a Cree man from Manitoba; my mom, a half Ojibwe/half Irish woman from Ontario. This makes me three quarters Aboriginal and a quarter white.

But actually, I just feel white.

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What does strength look like?

Too often, women stay silent in the midst of great pain. We do it in an effort to be strong. We so badly want to be strong. We stay silent to protect the feelings or reputation of someone who caused us pain. We bottle up the wrongdoings of others and deposit them inside of ourselves, housing burdens that aren’t ours to carry. Maybe we want to protect ourselves from being reprimanded for speaking up. Maybe we fear looking self-indulgent or unappreciative. Weak. Ungrateful. 

But there is strength in speaking up.

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My first bad experience with energy

I have always heard intuitive readers talking about protecting themselves while giving readings, be that energetically projecting intentions, inviting their guides in for support, or literally smudging between sessions. As someone who talks about intuitive abilities on the regular, this isn't easy for me to admit. But. I have always thought the idea of energetically protecting yourself from others while giving readings was a little... meh.

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Habit vs Ritual

One of the best things about spending time at the lake or cottage with close friends is the great conversation had. And sometimes epiphanies are uncovered. I've had really rousing dialogue with some friends regarding our personal habits and how just one tiny difference can turn habits into luxurious treasured moments. This dissection of habits versus rituals is one of my favourite posts to date, and I'd love to hear what you think, too. Message me in the comments below!

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I am the desert rose

The string of moons come spring are my most favourite of the year. And while I would deem fall my absolute favourite season, the lunar grace after winter definitely holds my heart.

The encouraging Pink Moon. The romantic Flower Moon. The eager Strawberry Moon. They are the freeing breath after the heaviness of winter.

They remind me that we are always growing. We are always changing. Morphing. They remind me that even when the nights are cold, long and hard, spring is coming.

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The Other Me, Part Two

I found writing the second half of this project for New Moon Project incredibly challenging. In Part One, I was exploring a fictional dialogue from the perspective of my current self. That was easy right? But for Part Two, I needed to immerse myself in the motivations, the expressions, the personality - the entire entity - of a fictional version of myself. And that second version of myself was going to have some strong opinions about the other person she was talking to.


I don't know how I come up with these things...

Once I got it out, I found it to be intensely therapeutic. It gave me a chance to really look at my life through another pair of eyes, and honestly, I got rather emotional about it. A couple times.

As always, let me know what you think!

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I should be grateful

Ever since I first held my son, when he was still blue and stained with the fragments of labour, I knew I should be overwhelmed with gratitude that this little person existed. That he was able to look at me. That he was healthy. That I was able to hear someone I had birthed say, mama.

I wasn’t supposed to have children. But I didn’t want them anyway, and my doctors told me, “It’s going to be hard for you to conceive.” I had a childhood cancer that had my ovaries radiated and scarred. My fate was sealed.

Sometimes, I sit with my eyes closed, the vein in my forehead bulging and throbbing as I try to block out the “Mama!” cries happening in the other room. I tell myself I should be grateful. I should be grateful this little person exists.

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The Other Me, Part One

As one of my first contributions to New Moon Project, this really awesome monthly collaborative contribution/reflections from creative women all over the globe, I wrote a piece (really two pieces) of a fictional conversation I had with two versions of myself. It was so cool to write. So healing. So weird. So delightfully good.

I had no idea how this piece was going to turn out, but I wrote Part One as my current self, and Part Two as another version of myself... missing a very key experience from my past. At one point, our paths split, and the two versions are similar, yet very different. Both stories are from the first person perspective, a really challenging way to write, especially since it is the EXACT same conversation they exchange. However, perception, inner monologues, and a different way of viewing the world makes these two reads quite different.

I invite you to compare. I really did write the same dialogue twice.

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