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How to throw a full moon ritual party

Moon gatherings are so powerful. My very first party launched me down this wild path, and connected me with a spirit family that has been incomparable ever since. We had wine, we talked about angels, spells, plants, reiki; we banged drums - pots and pans, lit candles, shared cool books and ideas... it was magical. It was really special. There is something really valuable about creating a safe place where you can share ideas, vulnerabilities, likemindedness, and celebrate just being young, healthy and alive.

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The three most important signs in your natal chart

When I used to work in the corporate world, I often secretly found out my client's astrological chart to get a better understanding of who they were. It helped me understand their motives so I could use an approach that worked for them.

Our natal charts can be shockingly informative. A big misconception is that we each fall under one of 12 signs. But we're not each just one sign. We are a bunch of signs, in a bunch of different areas that represent different aspects of our personality.

On the day we are born, if we could take a snapshot of the universe's placement - the planets, stars, galaxies - that photo would act as the map to each of our astrological charts. What position was the sun in when you were born? What position was the moon in? Here are the three most important signs in your natal chart when beginning to learn about your astrological profile:

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