Winter Survival Guide: Expanding through the dark nights

Something magical happens when the sun goes down. A little flame within us grows brighter with the excitement and zest that the nighttime brings. And while many of us love soaking in the warm beams of orange light before the sun dips below the tree line, there is no denying the magic that ignites with dusk. Embrace the extra hours of darkness and expand through the dark nights. There is much fun to be had with the added hours of moonlight. Kill the lights, make a fire and light some candles to bask in the true magic of nighttime, grateful for the extra darkness that only comes once per year. 

For part three of our Winter Survival Guide, Sonia Chhinji, creator of Woodlot's thoughtful products shares with us 10 things that are better by candlelight:


There’s something about lighting a candle that evokes a sense of peace, comfort and relaxation. Nothing says cozy and comforts like a night in, enjoying a glass of wine with your bestie while watching reruns of Sex and the City - by candlelight of course. Here are 10 things that are better by candlelight: 

1. A deck of tarot cards, herbal tea, crystals and your best girlfriend

2. Getting cozy on the couch with your love about to watch a romantic comedy and stuff your face with popcorn

3. A hot bath, girl boss business book and your favourite glass of pinot grigio

4. A night in with yourself, discovering a delicious new recipe while blasting Adele

5. Candlelight dinner with the best of friends, hipster rock and... drinking games

6. Burning a candle while burning the midnight oil

7. Dinner with amazing amigos that turns into a brainstorming session over homemade whiskey

8. A cold winter day indoors where you cook all your meals from scratch

9. Meditating or journaling, staring at a candlelight to help you focus

10. After a long day, a moment to light your favourite scented candle, stretch your legs and just breathe

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Sonia Chhinji is a brand and community enthusiast. She’s the co-founder of Woodlot, an apothecary studio that focuses on home and body products made with care from simple, quality ingredients. She’s passionate about technology, green products + bringing like minded people together for rad conversations over home cooked dinner. She can always be found with headphones, a pair of sneakers and winged eyeliner.