Winter Survival Guide: Discovering your body's outlet

The winter months are the perfect time to discover your body's outlet - the physical vehicle that your body prefers in order to properly initiate release of toxins, unhealthy thoughts patterns, old modes of experiencing and more. Why the winter? If you've been following along with our Winter Survival Guide, you'll have started to go through the hibernation and restoration motions that are necessary during this phase in the earth's energies. These energies deeply affect us on a subconscious and spiritual level, and while we may like to skip over these feelings because they sometimes feel lower and heavy, know that they are necessary for growth. Releasing through the physical body is the one of the final steps in releasing unhealthy energies inside us, whether that is mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. Once we pass it through the physical body, we can finally be done with it.

Thankfully, for part six of our Winter Survival Guide, Kyla Klassen from Sacred Tusk Athletics, breaks down three amazing ways to move your body to initiate your final release:


The new year is a great starting point to set some personal goals in hopes of living a healthier, more active lifestyle. But now that we're half way into February, have you managed to stick to your new routine? Most of us don’t make it past week two. I am thrilled for you if you have stuck it out! It takes hard work and determination. If you have started to let your new schedule slip back into old habits, don’t worry - it’s not too late! Perhaps it’s time to rethink your workout routine and find something that is a better fit. It’s easy to stay with what you know; go for a run on the treadmill, lift some weights at the gym or hit that same Wednesday night aerobics class. While all of these options are great, they can tend to feel tedious after a while.

It’s time to give your workout regime a makeover! You might have heard friends or family talking about barre class or hot yoga but you are unsure of the details and that fear is holding you back.  Here is some insight into a few fitness alternatives to help shake things up.

A beautiful mix of sweating, stretching and invigoration

yoga mat
water bottle (make sure you’ve had lots of water prior to stay hydrated during class)
bare feet 

There are so many different types of hot yoga classes so it doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or an advanced yogi, there is a class for you. Are you someone who likes routine? Someone who enjoys the heat and a hard workout? Bikram yoga would be a great place to start. You can expect the same 26 poses every class in the hot hot heat. Maybe you’d prefer to slow things down for your first yoga class; something to help relieve stress? A restorative class would be perfect. This class keeps things calm and relaxing – beginners, this one is for you. If you are looking for something in the middle that feels like a work out but still leaves you feeling relaxed, try out a hot flow class. It’s the perfect combination of fluid asanas (yoga postures), breathing techniques and overall rejuvenation.

Cost: $15-$25 for drop in or save some money and buy a class pass

Bootcamp meets ballerina

yoga mat
water bottle
bare feet

This class starts off slow on your mat to help warm the body with a few yoga poses. The warm up only lasts a few minutes before the pace picks up! You can expect planks, lunges, mountain climbers and other high energy cardio moves. Eventually you will make your way to the barre, resembling the same barre a ballerina would use. This class incorporates the stretching of a yoga class and the strengthening and toning of Pilates. You can also expect to hear a fun, upbeat playlist. This class is sure to get your heart pumping for a great workout.  

Cost: $15-$25 for drop in or again, try that class pass! Some places offer barre and hot yoga so you can try both.

A badass cardio workout with upbeat music

water bottle
cute outfit 

You can expect to get your heart rate up at spin class; an indoor cycling class on a stationary bike. The instructors are energetic and pump the music loud to help get you fired up for your workout. You’ll spend the majority of class on your bike, cycling your way through steep hills or racing along a flat road, working on cardio, endurance and strength. Some studios will incorporate hand weights, core work and stretching that will take you off of your bike.  Depending on your hometown, you can find studios dedicated to spin classes or a local gym that offers classes in included in your monthly fee!

Cost: $19-$25 for drop in.

Grab a friend to come with you and keep each other motivated. Start with one or try all three. Find out what makes your body sing! If you are enjoying yourself while being active you are more likely to keep going back, so find the release that works for you and have fun while you're doing it.

Kyla Klassen is a small business owner and yogi. She is the founder of a small online shop, Sacred Tusk Athletics, specializing in women’s activewear based out of Winnipeg, Canada. Fascinated by the growing popularity for active wear, she was determined to open a shop showcasing all the amazing brands found in North America. She is a Vinyasa yoga instructor, Textile Science alum and amateur photographer.  You can find the entire Sacred Tusk collection online at