5 crystals to release your wild feminine

After the intensely powerful and healing Sacred Circle that I guided at Prairie Yogi's SNOWFLAKE Winter Wellness festival, I wanted to share a collection of powerful stones that could help release our inner wild feminine. 

Tapping into the undercurrent of the strong pulsating feminine is a great intention to add to your meditation practice and self-care work. Sacred Circle ignited something instinctual within me. And it feels good. Stepping into our wild feminine is about representing our inner she-wolf, our powerful, instinctual, natural womanly intuition, and letting it help us in this oppressively masculine world. To me, the divine feminine feels soft and powerful, but the wild feminine feels quite different, albeit still very much a part of what it means to be feminine in this millennia. 

I wanted to shine a spotlight on five wild stones, each connected to the feminine spirit in various forms. Check out my faves below:


Garnet is said to be one of the twelve stones in the breastplate of the High Priest. Legend also states that is was the only source of light in the dark for Noah's ark. It has even been worshipped in indigenous tribes. There is a special magic within this stone. The common thread among legends is that Garnet acts as a light during dark times and heals our heart. It ignites a calm, even vitality, perfect for the varying intensities throughout a woman's life. Strong and steady, quiet and powerful, Garnet is a profound "crisis stone" and can still the chaos so you can see through it. Its energetic vibration is stimulating, improves self-esteem and reignites the boom of self-love and self-control. It calms your spirit, makes you feel desirable and sexy, tapping you back into the innate feminine - the Wild Feminine.


Every shard of moonstone holds a special connection to the moon, our moon cycles, and the powerful lunar energy that affects our whole planet. It is the absolute woman's stone. But Indian Moonstone, harvested in India, is said to shine a light into the future to help its owner catch a glimpse of the possibilities offered to her, while igniting the varying paths to get there. Legend states that it even brightens - waxes and wanes - with the moon's cycles. It helps its owner to take control of her future, her destiny and thus, her happiness. Working with this stone also helps to enhance your natural psychic gifts, and to harbour a more thoughtful spiritual practice that works seamlessly with your practical life, hopes and dreams.


Cherry Quartz is a stone that works wonders healing a sad, weakened or defeated heart. It is also connected to sexual chakras and can help heal any wounds in this area that are being held in the subconscious. It helps process these releases so they no longer hold power over your physical body. If there are any active sexual tensions affecting your life, Cherry Quartz will help quell the disease so you can overcome these anxieties and take back your wild feminine. It is also sometimes called "strawberry quartz," and is actually made of glass.


Jade is celebrated in ancient civilizations for it is said that "whatever jade touches will be blessed with good fortune". It was used in artistic totems, practical weapons and more. Legend says Jade will help its owner access the deep and vast wisdom of the spiritual world, showing us how things really are by removing the mask and veil put on us by modern society. It helps you see your truth, quelling your desires to adapt and change yourself for the sake of conforming to a group. Jade shows you your beauty, your vitality, your worth and what your soul is really about, by dissolving any limitations you have put on yourself. It also inspires love and can help attract love to you.


Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye, immediately heightening psychic abilities and stimulating your personal power. It contacts your spirit guides, guardians, angels and ancestors, reigning in their power for your protection. It protects you against psychic attack and even sends negative energy back to source. Lapis is a great stone to bring deep inner knowledge about the self, encouraging you to take charge. It unveils your inner truth and teaches you self-expression. It is very stimulating intellectually, opening up your higher mind and bringing deep clarity. It is said that this stone can teach you a great truth. Wise. Womanly. Strong.