Valentine's Day tarot spread

Seriously coupled or seriously looking, check out our Valentine's Day spread to get some insight from the cards on your romantic life. This spread can be used if you're in an established relationship for more insight on the strengths and weaknesses in the partnership, or it can be used to help you self-reflect on what you need (and can offer) in a future relationship.


Shuffle your cards and cut them three times. Lay seven cards out in the manner above, flipping them all face down - so you can't see them! - to begin your spread. Flip one card over at a time, and digest the cards meaning to fully understand its position in the spread.

Card one offers the most insight to your relationship or lack there of, and the remaining six cards offer a deeper look at some of the influences around it.


1. What I need to let go of

The first card drawn represents the largest hiccup affecting your relationship. Even when things seem perfect, there is always room for growth. If you are looking for love, this card represents what you need to let go of before being the best version of yourself to attract someone new.

2. What is preventing me from receiving love

If you're feeling as though your partner isn't offering you the type love in the way that you need, this card offers insight as to how you can contribute to improving the situation. If you are looking for love, this card offers insight as to what is preventing you from finding someone new.

3. What do I need to welcome

This card offers what you need to welcome into your life in order to have a prosperous relationship.

4. What hidden influences am I unaware of at this time

Card four reveals something you may not be aware of that is affecting your relationship or relationship potential. This may be a "positive" or "negative" insight, depending on your situation. 

5. What is the greatest attribute I have to offer a relationship

This may be a habit, characteristic, energy or personality trait (or something else) that is one of your greatest attributes that you can offer yourself and another person.

6. What do I need most in a relationship at this time

What are you craving inside? What do you need from your partner? What do you need from a future partner?

7. What do I need to do in order to feel the most love

The final card is a call to action: what do you need to do in order to allow yourself to feel the most love possible? Is this something you could do in your current relationship? Is this something you need to do in order to find someone new?