Valentine's Day Colour Therapy

Whoever said pink and red don't go together needs a serious lesson on chromotherapy (and maybe some clever fashion trends). Chromotherapy, or colour therapy, is the practice of healing through colour, based on how our eyes interpret light. And what better colour to analyze for the upcoming V-Day than pink and red? Check out how these two colours affect your mood and vibe:

Healing with colour is a great preventative way to encourage the body to build up its immune system. While it does not cure any ailments, it is a very effective preventer. Sometimes, when the body is so depleted and weak, it can be affected by colour at shocking rates. According to, the "use of colour to heal has ancient roots. Native cultures discovered that the colour of a plant often determined their healing qualities. For example, blood conditions were treated with red flowers and herbs. Healers discovered that light coming through coloured fabric of glass had the ability to speed healing."

It's important to note, that depending on the state of the body, some colours may not be safe to use in healing or to even be surrounded in. If a person is severely depleted, and for example, paralyzed or even freezing, shades of blue may worsen these effects since it is so soothing and cold in nature. These would be extreme cases, but the point is to always listen to your body and really pay attention to which colours resonate with you instinctively.


Depending where you look, red can symbolize both love and anger. Most colours have two polars like this: a healthy side, and a negative side. It's important to remember that all colours can have an extreme, activating a slightly negative component to counter their positive one. Positivity and negativity can't exist without one another, which is why red can mean love or anger.

On its healthy side, red is very passionate. It can help motivate you and help you charge forward through all your pursuits. Its also a confidence booster. It stimulates a feeling of inner strength and power. Wearing red can help make you feel bolder and more in control than you normally do, and when others see you in red, it offers a similar impression subconsciously. It also grabs your attention. Remember the "woman in the red dress" in the movie, the Matrix?

Red also induces passionate and romantic states. There is a reason red lingerie reeeeally gets people going. If you want to stimulate romantic thoughts or attraction while on a date, wearing red will subconsciously trigger these feelings in your partner. #win

The colour red can even raise your metabolism and blood pressure.

If you find yourself craving red or drawn to red, it can symbolize a rise in your ambition and desire to feel powerful and strong. It can also signify that you are craving passion and lust - romantic pursuits that have potency, leaving you feeling desired and attractive.

Valentine's Day tips in using the colour red

- a red bouquet symbolizes true love and passion
- wearing a red outfit will stimulate romance in those you're with
- wearing red will help boost your confidence
- eating red food can help you feel bolder than usual
- hanging out in a red environment can make you feel more awake


Pink has no negatives. That's right. It's a colour with no polar opposite. It is the colour of universal love, self-love, new love, and charm. It can help re-attune to you to your feelings, and make you feel more connected with yourself. Wearing pink can help encourage a lighthearted, easy-going state. Bolder, darker shades are more excitable, and softer shades are more comforting.

If you have been burdened by grief, pink is a soothing and healing colour to surround yourself in. It is said to remind us of light shining on the womb, returning that safe, nurtured state back to our consciousness.

If walls in the home are painted pink, it can help you to feel safe and secure. Can't commit? Trying having some pink accents around your space to really create a relaxing retreat at home.

Pink is so soothing and relaxing that the colour drunk tank pink became popular for obvious reasons - it calmed drunkards with erratic behaviour. Football teams used to paint the visiting team's locker room pink to reduce their performance. And it may have worked. Locker rooms now have to be painted the same colour on both home and visiting sides.

If you find yourself craving or drawn to pink, it can symbolize that you are craving the lightheartedness and carefree lifestyle that can come with being young. It can signify that you are feeling overworked or overburdened, and you crave a comfort of being nurtured and cared for.


- light pink roses are a symbol of admiration and appreciation
- medium pink roses symbolize your first true love
- wearing dark pink will help you feel more playful and excited
- wearing soft pink will help you feel appreciative and happy
- hanging out in a space that is light pink can make you feel cared for and nurtured
- pink encourages feeling feminine