Understanding the Power of Your Name

Your name holds a vibration that you carry for your entire life. Numerology is a great way to further your self-knowledge and understanding of the power of your name, but did you know the vowel in your name also matters?

Years ago, I sat with a numerologist and listened to her break down my birth name, my nicknames, my pen name, and my birth date. She gave me so much information about the power of my name, but what I found the most fascinating was the emphasis she put on my name's VOWELS.

What is the first vowel in your name?

The very first vowel in your first name holds a lot of power, and it can shed a lot of insight into your personality. There are different spellings for different names, like Vanessa, Venessa and even Vinessa, changing the entire energy of the name and therefore the person. (I saw Vinessa once and felt horrified... which is such an A-Person response. Vinessa with an "I" is actually so cool, but little ol' me, an A-Person Vanessa, felt a twinge of horror.)

Is your first vowel an A, E, I, O, U, or that elusive Y?

If you have a pair of vowels side by side, like Guillaume (UI), Sienna (IE), Aubrey (AU), or Paige (AI), the two vowels blend off each other. You can read both Vowel Characteristics below to see which one resonates with you more - or you may feel like a blend! You'll have a little bit of the second vowel energies in your personality, but you'll still have more of the first vowel properties to your personality/numerology destiny.

If your first name has the same vowel doubled, like Aaron (double A), your Vowel Characteristics are extra strong!

Here is a break down of the energies each vowel. Find the very first vowel in your name, AEIOUY, and read below:


A's are bold. They're leaders. They don't shy away from the spotlight - in fact, they like it! They often find it easy to influence a crowd or group of people. They can be well-liked or rub people the wrong way, but one thing is for sure - they have a very strong presence and are often "type A" personalities. Most importantly, they don't let people push them around. As they age, they can definitely take care of themselves and are often happy to do so. They know what they like. And they really like what they like.


E's are a gentler vibration than the bold A. Often "type B" personalities, E's don't need to be in the spotlight like A people. E people may be shy, but they may also just be confident enough that they don't need the extra attention. They're just as happy letting someone else have all the attention - like their partners. They're usually quite proud of their partners. They often don't take life too seriously and can let things roll off their shoulders. They're a breath of fresh air. Sometimes, E's can be taken advantage of if they're not careful, but they usually have a quiet confidence to them.


I's love drama. Everything is a liiiiiittle more extreme with an I person. That could mean more fun, bigger laughs, wilder times, or it could mean more fighting, more stress or fiery outbursts. These people sometimes have tempers or are just prone to crying when they're upset. But they definitely know how to have a good time. Emotions are often cranked up in every direction for I people and they can be a little obsessive - but their lives are never EVER boring.


O people seem to have a teensy advantage over the rest of us. Dang O people! Things come easily to them (if they find "their" subject), because they have a keen sense of understanding. Sometimes you may think, "What isn't this O person good at?" O people have something about them that draws people in. They're magnetic, charming, and talented. They can be really talented at one thing, or pretty dang good at a bunch of things. They can usually take care of themselves and have good stamina for their projects or passions.


U's are the wildcard. They either have an air of mystery around them, or they like to challenge the status quo. Though this can dissolve once you get to know them, divulging some of their quirky, dorky but totally charming behaviour. They often attract admirers because of this. If you fall for a U, you fall hard. At first. They can be silly and aren't afraid of being silly, even though they may be a little worried about how they are presenting themselves to the world. While they can be confident, they aren't quite as "look at me" as the A's and not quite as passive as the E's. They're somewhere in the middle.

Y's are the creative ones in the pack of vowels. Where the other vowels might be creative, Y's have this gift effortlessly and often view the world a little bit differently than everyone else. While they are often creative on multiple levels, they usually thrive in one specific area - they just need to find it, whether that is songwriting, styling hair, photography, or dominating on the dance floor. They can be easy to like, or find many jealous of them - but that's because creative endeavours come to them a little more effortlessly than most. If creativity doesn't come easily to them, what they create is usually quite better than everyone else's.

Which are you? The Bold A-Person; The Easy-Going E-Person; The Intense I-Person; The Talented O-Person; The Quirky U-Person, or the Creative Y-Person? Have some fun and look at the people you know, your spouse or your partner's names, too.