Understanding the markings on your palm

In palmistry, we tend to focus on the lines in a hand - like that ominous life line - but we can tell just as much (if not more!) about a person without even looking at their palm but by just investigating their hands from a distance. The entire hand is incredibly revealing, and with just a little observation on how a person uses, carries and interacts with her hands, you can learn a lot about her. There is so much more to palmistry than just the three most important lines on your hand (updated post) and I wanted to give a quick explanation about the markings on your palm and how to understand what they mean and how to read them. Different markings aside from your predominant/major lines (life, head and heart lines, etc) can reveal a lot about your inner self. I find these marking on the hand reveal more about the person than the major lines do, just like observing the hand without seeing the palm does, but the markings aren't as popular as the life, head and heart line are. Markings on the palm are interruptions in your major lines. Any interruption is worth looking at because they disturb the norm. The following markings can both enhance or devalue the other lines in your hand, depending on their position. Below is a list of markings and what they represent:


Breaks in your major lines are easy to spot. Your major line will look slightly disjointed when breaks are staggered like this. Any break represents a change of course or redirection and your life may take on a very dramatic change in any area. When a line breaks toward your thumb and forefinger it can indicate a change of pace or direction. Breaks that fan to the outside of your hand indicate an unexpected journey in life. If your breaks lean to the base of your palm it can indicate you'll be living a portion of your day-to-day life very differently.


Pay attention to islands on your palms. These little ovals, teardrops or egg-shapes represent an interruption in your life, and it usually points to an unfavourable one. It's important to spot what line the island appears in, whether that be heart, head, life, fate, etc. An island in the heart line can point to relationship trouble, be that romantic or with a loved one. They can also represent disease or illness, and are usually worth inspecting further and noting. Think of islands in your lines as a representation of a very stressful period in your life where your regular self is forced under great pressure - creating a little "bubble" in your usual line.


Triangles (strong markings, not faint ones) are two lines that meet, usually along one of the major lines, the major line representing the base of the triangle. They represent further studies or training, particularly if found near the head line. That studying or training may be educational, but could also be romantic, as in learning something life-changing from a great love (more likely found near heart line). Try not to think institutional, although it can very well represent a technical ability.


These stripe-like "pound" symbols represent dissolving or scattered energy. It shows you slowing down during a period of your life due to confusion, setbacks, insecurities, doubt, exhaustion, etc. They can also represent new beginnings that are perhaps more stressful than smooth, especially if the venture is dramatically different than what you had been doing for a long time (look for other palm symbols for more information on such changes). Grills are one of the most common markings on palms.


The star in the palm is a series of lines together, similar to an asterisk. They represent the bolt of brilliance in a person's life. If one of the major lines ends in a star it points to the potential to have the best outcome imaginable. But it is a cautionary symbol as well, as depending on which mount of your palm it appears on, it can enhance or exploit certain aspects in your life as well. If you find a star on your palm, be mindful of it and research which mount it is closest to, or on.


Crosses on the palm represent hardships or struggles in one's life, but if an X is found wedged around or between the head and heart lines, it is an intuitive symbol. These markings suggest great potential for healing work and an intuition ability that can be heavily strengthened. The more Xs on the palm further strengthens this magical side, be that natural clairaudience, clairvoyance and more. Should they be near the fleshy parts of your hand or near the life line, they suggest disappointments, usually in the self. Above all, these markings represent shock.


Finding a square on the palm is like identifying a guardian angel. These markings act like protective symbols. Depending on the location of the palm or line, squares diminish any poor luck or negativity that may be found in the natural line, be that breaks, islands or more. If they surround a break in one of your lines, they act like a bandaid, negating the break all-together, representing good luck. 


These lines are close to one another, and often appear to be broken lines, but upon further inspection the sisters can be revealed. Whatever line the sister lines follow, they enhance and support that line, making it stronger. Wherever the break in the line may be, sister lines usually appear above and below the break, although they usually do not actually touch. These lines protect broken, frayed or crooked lines, healing them with their duality. If these types of lines are found on your palm, it is believed that even though you may endure hardships, you will still learn valuable lessons and dodge the harshest assaults life may throw your way.


The circle is incredibly rare to find on a palm, however it does point to sinister misfortune. If a circle touches any line there is misfortune that will find you, governing around the line it touches. Note that ovals or egg-like shapes are typically islands, and circles are rather prominent and hard to miss. They are not usually in the middle of a line, but rather near it or touching. The circle represents reliving the same mistakes over and over, without being able to escape them and points to past-life crises that need to be healed in this life.


Finding a trident on the hand is the symbol of luck that comes in threes: wealth, health and happiness. It is incredibly lucky. If it is attaches to one of your major lines, it will set forth that line's qualities, giving it additional power. If it touches any of your mounts, it affects them and the surrounding mounts positively as well. This is the most auspicious marking to find on the palm, and finding multiples on the palm represents even further blessings.