The top 10 best love stones

Crystals for love is probably what I'm asked about the most when it comes to crystal recommendations. Improving or changing the dynamic in our relationships can have a major impact on our lives.

When it comes to choosing a crystal, think hard about your end goal. What are you trying to achieve in your relationship? Are you trying to have a baby? Are you trying to improve your sex life? Are you trying to reconnect, or understand one another? There's a specific love stone for that.

Here are RW's top 10 love stones, outlining exactly what they're good for:



Whether you're working on improving an existing relationship that has trust issues, or whether you're looking to attract a new relationship built on solid trust and honesty, Jade is an excellent choice. It is lucky in promoting new courtship, improving your charm so more eyes notice you - and it will attract the right type of love! Love built on trust. Jade also inspires renewed romantic love/energy in longterm relationships, so if someone has cheated or has been led astray, or if there has simply been a disconnect in the relationship, this crystal is a good choice to work on things or to start over together.



Rhodonite is an emotional balancer. It helps to heal new and old emotional wounds, and even emotional/romantic wounds that may have been passed on from previous/past lives. If you're burdened with overwhelming emotions - maybe a recent breakup - Rhodonite is a great choice to heal the heart, balance the emotions, and eliminate any feelings of jealousy or wanting to do something to hurt the other person the way they have hurt you. It keeps you out of upsetting situations so you can focus on feeling better and healing your heart.

We like to stock this beauty in the supply shoppe. Snag some Rhodonite if you need to seek out emotional balance.



Garnet fills your being with passion and some serious desire. It promotes love and devotion, and is a very potent sex stone. It unwinds your kundalini energy from deep down inside you at the base of your spine, unfurling an ultimate potency to the passion you're feeling. While this stone promotes lust, it also promotes commitment. It excels at making the passion between two loving partners even hotter. Most garnet is burgundy or a dark red, but really red garnet is the True Love stone. 

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Emerald is known as the stone of Successful Love. It works wonders in improving the actual friendship in your existing relationship. This stone is very romantic, and can improve the passion in your relationships, but more importantly the fun you have together. It removes any barriers you may have erected in your relationship and restores loving feelings where you actually enjoy each others company again. If you want to improve the current love in your life, Emerald is a great stone to keep on you. 

to improve self-love


Pink Aventurine helps you to embrace your being, returning joy to your existence and showing you that the only person holding you back is yourself. It helps expose potential options to your life's path, offering alternatives to your current status and giving you the heart and courage to make any necessary changes that you may need. It releases feelings of entrapment or entanglement so you can continue to grow and shine. It increases positivity and self-confidence, helping you to reclaim your power. 


mangano calcite

Mangano Calcite puts us into contact with angels so they can assist us with their unconditional loving energy. It opens us up to give and receive unconditional love - often when our bodies are often starved for it. It fills us with the sensation of feeling nurtured, supported, and loved unconditionally. It is great for blended families or after a fight within the family or with a loved one. Its nurturing energy has a very motherly feel, helping encourage a sense of value, support and love - like the unconditional love of a mother - inside. It is also sometimes referred to as the "Reiki Stone" for this therapeutic, healing and nurturing energy.

Sometimes we carry Mangano Calcite in the supply shoppe! If this stone calls to you, see if we're currently offering it.



Stichtite helps to stimulate the sense of love you feel toward another person. It helps you to feel more affectionate toward others, be that platonic or romantic. If you're wanting to improve the physical connection you feel toward your partner, encouraging more physical and loving touch - a hand on your back as you walk through the doorway; hand holding over the long car ride; a long hug after work - keep Stichtite on the both of you. This stone has a deep connection to the heart chakra - it even looks like a little heart! - and would do wonders in the healing of your heart when worn as a pendant or amulet around the neck. 

to promote understanding in the relationship


If you and your partner are struggling to understand one another, Pink Opal is the stone to reach for. Are you trying to communicate to your husband that you need more help around the house? Do you want him to understand your feelings? Opal helps you focus on the positive, where you need to go, and how you should communicate rather than dwelling on what hasn't been working. It also stimulates compassion, and can help you understand others and see their motives so you can understand where they come from. 



Carnelian encourages loyalty between partners, and has even been said to light a fire or rekindle dull flames between two people who, although may love each other, have lost their spark. If you're struggling to get pregnant, and sex has become a job or chose in order to have sex when you're ovulating, seek out Carnelian to keep by the bed. It will reconnect you and your partner romantically and improve fertility. Pair it with Rose Quartz to really increase the energy around getting pregnant.

Carnelian also helps keep all your stones energetically clean. We recommend it for every crystal collector. Check out Carnelian in the supply shoppe.

WHEN IN DOUBT, pick up--


If you are ever unsure of which love stone to grab, you can never go wrong by reaching for Rose Quartz. It is the love stone and encourages loving energy romantically, personally (self-love), and outward for humanity. Rose Quartz is the best crystal when it comes to healing the heart as it encourages unconditional love, grace, and teaching you about true love. Rose Quartz teaches you just how lovable you are, and this can often bring in new romantic love to you as well, making you a magnet thanks to all the feel good energy you emanate. 

We've almost always got Rose Quartz stocked in our virtual shelves. If you want a love stone, this is an excellent stone to start with.