3 ways to cleanse your crystals

Rogue Wood's supply shop features goods and crystals meant to bring a little extra magic and awareness into your life. And there is one specific thing I am especially excited about. Each crystal for sale in the shop will be moon-kissed under a full prairie moon, along the heart-centre longitudinal gridlines of the Great White North.

Our planet's gridlines can be extremely powerful and this northern gridline is one that is icy and pure. Rogue Wood's polar cleanse charges the stones, freezing the gridded code in their matrices. The stones will be cleansed and ready to be attuned to your energy when they find their way into your hands. This polar cleanse will radically charge the stones along the heart-centre gridlines, as well as wipe them clean under the moon's gentle kiss.

NOTE: There is more than one way to cleanse your crystals, and since different crystals hold different crystalline properties, there are some methods that are better than others depending on which crystal you're trying to cleanse. Or just depending on your schedule! 

I'm a BIG BELIEVER in modern magic and modern self-care but never at the expense of a sacred tradition that belongs to another culture. When using smoke to cleanse your herbs, please be mindful not to confuse smoke cleansing with smudging, a sacred tradition by many indigenous cultures.


Crystals absorb all kinds of energies, negative and positive. Just like how an old piece of jewellery from your grandma can still hold her energy, crystals can also house certain vibrations that could interfere with their abilities or what you are trying to use them for. You might even pull some of that icky energy off them! 

In particular, Clear Quartz is a crystal you can actually program with certain intentions. Once you have programmed your Clear Quartz, those intentions would need to be cleansed in order to make room for new intentions at a later time. And any black stone you have is a massive absorber of negative energy, so you're going to want to make sure those little guys stay nice and clean through regular cleansing. You might be cleansing your black stones more than your other stones.

Think of it like you're re-tuning the crystal, just like you would when you pick up a guitar or cello, or other stringed instrument.

And of course, if you feel like they need more frequent cleaning, then they probably do. Your crystals will develop little personalities so you'll get to know them better the longer they're with you. This is called crystal attunement or crystal awakening, and your crystals should be attuned to you once they're in your possession.


A popular way to cleanse your crystals is under the full moon. The moon's energy is incredibly pure and cleansing, and some would argue this is the best way to clean and charge your stones for use. But since the moon has waxing and waning energy, it's more potent and effective to do this on a full moon specifically. That's when the energy is at it's fullest.


The benefit to cleansing your stones under a full moon is that they will also be charged. Not only are they cleansed by the moon's milky glow, but they'll also be energized with feminine power (a key force in spiritual work).


When the moon is full, place your crystals outside overnight to bask in its light. It's best to do this at dusk, but like, - if you're jetting out for supper or a night on the town, just get them outside when you can (#modernmagic).

Check the weather, because if it's going to rain, you're going to want to make sure all your crystals can handle getting wet. Some crystals can deteriorate when wet - like selenite. If you're set for a rainy downpour, leaving your crystals on a window ledge is also OK. When the sun comes up, your crystals are ready for use.

Pull your crystals in before the sun reaches its strength (dawn is ideal) because some stones can actually fade in sunlight.


When I cleanse my home with smoke, I make sure to cleanse my crystals as well. Sometimes I burn incense and other times I burn dried herbs in a fire safe dish; both work just fine.

While many items or herbs can be used for cleansing, try to refrain from using endangered herbs. If you've grown and dried an herb yourself, that's your best option. If you're cleansing your stones, the crystals just need to pass through the smoke of the burning herb, however each herb carries a different property and some may be more purifying than others. Good items for purification are bay leaves, birch bark, cedar, chamomile, lavender, lemon verbena, myrrh, peppermint, and rosemary. 


I find smoke cleansing gets in all the nooks and crannies. You can actually see where the smoke is wafting. While harvesting or growing and drying your own items is ideal, I realize it's not always practical for some of us. You can find smoke cleansing blends online through small business owners, or at a local new age, metaphysical, or holistic healing shop. 

I find this method feels deeply spiritual, making me feel a deeper connection with my crystals. 


Once your herbs are lit, individually pass your crystals through the smoke, turning and twisting them so the smoke touches all of its sides. Thank each crystal for its help, and release it of impurities as you pass it through the smoke. Return your crystals to their homes, or place them all in a magic box/crystal toolkit.


If you're new to working with crystals, the simplest way to keep your stones clean is to keep them with a piece of carnelian. This is why RW offers carnelian in the Fledgling Collection! By keeping carnelian with your other stones (all together) it prevents your others stones from "growing stale" from energetic buildup. It doesn't necessarily "cleanse" them, but it keeps them from needing to be cleansed.


If you have a smoke sensitivity or you are unable to wait for a full moon, (or you can't remember the lunar calendar), this is a great option. It's low commitment and great for beginners.


There isn't much to this. Keep carnelian with your other stones in a safe place. If your crystals are out and about, you can place a piece of carnelian beside your other stone, although carnelian does have its own properties, and could influence the energy you are trying to create or manifest with your other stone. It's best to keep with your collection when they aren't in active use.


If you're strapped for time, here are a few quick ways you can cleanse your stones:

1. Run non-soluble stones under the faucet for 30 seconds. Thank them and release them.
2. Place your non-soluble stones in a glass bowl of water, one at a time or multiple, and let them soak. Place your hands on either side of the bowl and thank them for their help and release them. You can leave them in here while you tidy or run errands.
3. Clasp your hands around your crystal and envision the crystal filling with warm pink light, removing any buildup with love and purification. You may vocally ask for it to be cleansed, or ask within your heart.

Making sure your crystals are neat and tidy is all part of good crystal care. What methods have you used to cleanse your crystals?