Therapeutic Young Moon Bath Brew

The Young Moon is the waxing sliver in the sky that starts to poke her nose out after the new moon greets us. When the moon’s energies are still faint, but begin to glow throughout the sky for another lunation, it’s the perfect time to have a therapeutic bath brew.

Therapeutic bath brews are a very personal ritual that can encourage you to honour your spirit by checking in with yourself. How are you feeling physically? Emotionally? Mentally? Spiritually? Following the lunar cycles allows us a set monthly reminder to check in with ourselves.

With each lunation, we experience an array of up and down emotions. And while the full moon’s bright glow might act as an obvious reminder to be more self-aware, the new moon’s energies are much more internal and ripe for reflection. And the young moon allows us a few nights window to plan me-time that works for our schedule.

Adding a therapeutic young moon bath brew to your self-care routine is a gentle and effective way to stay mindful and healthy. It’s important to carve out time to check in with ourselves, instead of mindlessly plowing through our day not in tune with our bodies.

No matter how hard we try, we’re going to get busy. Autopilot is going to click on at some points, and that’s OK. Having the new and young moon as a monthly reminder is just one of Mother Nature’s many gifts to us.



• Empty tea bag
• mortar and pestle
• spoon
• moonstone  (*use tumbled)
• pink Himalayan rock salt
• dried herbs and/or essential oils
I’m using dried white sage, and rose and sandalwood essential oil


1. Crush your dried herbs and pink salts together, mixing their scents into one another, and gently blending them into smaller pieces.

2. If you’re using essential oils, add a few drops to your herbs and salts and mix together.

3. Fill your tea bag with the herb, oils and salt mixture, and add a piece or two of tumbled moonstone into the bag. This will infuse your bath with divine feminine energy, and help give the tea bag weight in the water. Moonstone is deeply connected to the moon and our intuition; just make sure you’re using tumbled/polished stones, as not to damage them in the water.

Note: Moonstone can contain aluminum.

4. Drop your bath brew in a tub filled with hot water, and soak.

Note: When you’re finished bathing, don’t forget to retrieve your moonstone from your bath brew!

Originally posted on Our Body Book.