The one crystal you absolutely need

There are so many crystals out there, how can there be one, Queen Crystal? Each crystal out there brings with it a house of spiritual, magical and physical healing properties. They are connected to specific chakras, specific months and astrological signs, and even certain parts of the body. But there is one crystal above all others that is more important, more potent and most definitely the core of your crystal collection.

The Quartz Family comprises a lot of stones, but Clear Quartz specifically is neutral enough, special enough, powerful enough and easily attainable enough to take the crown in the Crystal Kingdom.

Just as Clear Quartz is powerful, it is also programmable, meaning you can charge it or dedicate it to hold any attribute you wish. If you are rolling into a business meeting and you're feeling like you need a boost, you can charge Clear Quartz with a confidence attribute. If you're looking to improve your feelings of self-worth, you can charge Clear Quartz with a self-love attribute.



When the moon is full, place your Clear Quartz beneath its light. Place another stone next to it; one that you want to apply its charge to your Clear Quartz. For example, you could place a rose quartz next to your Clear Quartz to infuse the programmable stone with romantic luck. The moon has cleansing and charging properties, and will wipe your stones clean of energetic buildup, while transferring the attributes of one stone to the other; in this case, the rose quartz to the Clear Quartz. This type of charge stays potent for the entire moon cycle while adopting an additional moon moodlet, until the next full moon.


Using a cleansed crystal, hold a piece of Clear Quartz between your two palms pressed together. Closing your eyes and focusing your attention, imagine your crystal filling with warm pink light. Repeat your affirmation, mantra or crystal attribute that you wish your crystal to carry. As you chant this attribute, imagine your crystal glowing brighter between your palms, filling up with the charge of your choice.

*Remember to remove past charges by cleansing your crystal before programming it with something new. Always work with clean crystals when applying charges or programming.

But Clear Quartz has another powerful energy aside from adopting the energy of other stones or holding charges and programming: it amplifies your own energy. In fact, it is the most potent energy amplifier out of all the other crystals in the Crystal Kingdom.

Clear Quartz can amplify the energy of a person, making their presence felt and take notice in a statement way, or it can amplify the energy and vibration of other crystals, maximizing their own abilities. This makes Clear Quartz an unshakeable crystal healer and an absolute asset in all crystal collections, since crystals are designed to encourage healing and wellness within us, smoothing out our chaotic and stressed energy systems.


Clear Quartz is the most powerful healer and energy amplifier on the crystal planet. It unblocks stagnant or "stuck" energy, absorbs it, regulates it, releases it and more. Clear Quartz acts as a conduit to purify all energies, regardless of how it needs to be converted. It brings energy to its most perfect state possible, making it good for everyone, for every problem, a for every goal or issue. The Kirlian camera showed that by holding a Clear Quartz crystal, one's biomagnetic field doubles in size, generating electromagnetism and actually giving you a bigger beautiful aura! Read more...

Planet: Venus

Body Part: Head

Season: Winter

Birthstone: No traditional birthstone

Astrological sign: No specific zodiac sign but softens harsh traits of all signs

Colour: Pure White

Feng Shui: Clear Quartz suncatchers placed in windows bring the energy of the sun indoors and disperse energy evenly through the home to encourage free-flowing chi.

Chakras: Harmonizes all chakras and brings them into alignment

Divination: Symbolizes beginnings, refresh, anew

Did you know? The Herkimer diamond is really a double terminated Clear Quartz!

Clear Quartz is often called "a spiritual library," because it can enhance psychic, ancestral, and healing abilities by opening up conduits to access otherwise hidden information. When you work with this stone through meditation and a mindful spiritual practice, it can help you uncover and access deep worldly wisdom that ultimately brings deep healing and a sense of peace. We are a species that loves to learn about ourselves because we are each trying to learn specific lessons throughout our lives. Clear Quartz can help us to uncover these major insights about ourselves, our past lives, our soul lessons, and the twists and turns of our journey - past and present and future.

 And since it amplifies your healthy energy, you can bring it with you through any detailed work you need to complete, such as studying, operating, baking or even painting. It filters out distractions, and keeps your energy systems operating in tip top form.

Clear Quartz is a deep soul cleanser, encouraging your spirit to return to a state of perfection before any form of dis-ease set in. Think of dis-ease not as disease, but as unease within the body that can manifest itself through ailments in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms. Clear Quartz's powerful crystalline makeup helps to quell dis-ease within you so your subtle bodies can vibrate at a similar frequency to the stone.

And while Clear Quartz can work quickly, more promised results happen through extended use of this crystal, and especially with proper attunement to your own energy, body and spirit.

Clear Quartz is also extremely influenced by the shape or formation it has grown into. This makes different formations (spheres, clusters, phantoms, double terminated, etc) more beneficial for different projects. For example, clusters can help to supercharge other stones by laying them across the cluster. Ideally, the best crystal type for this practice is the Clear Quartz crystal.


1. Deep Soul Cleanser

2. Programmable

3. Energetic Amplifier

4. Purifies energy

5. Aligns all chakras

6. Accesses "Spiritual Library"