The Native Cross

All card readers are familiar with the tried and true Celtic Cross spread. It's a great general spread that gives a nice amount of insight into your life, and can even help with specific topics. But I'm going to be honest: I'm totally bored of it. I wanted to come up with a new cross, a new general spread that had some of the good from the Celtic Cross, but also had a little bit more magical undertone. Introducing, the Native Cross. It's simpler, more magical, and gave me a totally moving reading. Check it out below:

To begin, shuffle your deck until you feel satisfied, infusing your energy into the cards, asking for clarity on your current situation. When you are ready, cut the deck three times, and reassemble the deck to your liking. I find there is usually a card that jumps out at me, or wiggles away from the rest of the deck during the cutting phase, and that is usually the pile I place on top. Lay your cards out in the order depicted above, for a total of six cards.

Card one: Me in my current situation. 
This card represents you in your current situation/question.

Card two: My immediate past. 
This card represents your immediate past. This is whatever immediate means to you. It can be yesterday, a month ago, three months ago, or even a year. Keep an open mind.

Card three: My immediate future.
This card represents your immediate future. This is whatever immediate means to you. It can be yesterday, a month ago, three months ago, or even a year. Keep an open mind.

Card four: Who is helping me on the Earth Plane?
This card symbolizes a person around you who is imperative to your current story. This person is an ally and helping you to move forward.

Card five: Who is helping me on the Spirit Plane?
This card symbolizes the spirits from the other side who are working in your favour. They are with you and are assisting you on your journey at this present moment.

Card six: What is needed from me?
This card acts as an awareness card, shining light on what is needed from you in order to move forward in your current situation, regardless of whether it is good or bad.


My deck is by Colette Baron-Reid and is a smaller deck than most, but it packs a punch. With a surprisingly shamanistic and earthbound element, and cards such as The Eagle King, The Hawk Prince, The Sun Dancers, and The Lady of the Mirror, this is one of my favourite decks thanks to the accuracy in which it always seems to help me. I use the booklet provided for clear insight, and it is always exactly what I need to hear. This deck reads reversed cards as "challengers" a typical shamanistic outlook on how to view opposition, but ensures challengers are also meant to provide inside. Upright cards are called "ally" cards, meaning they are working with you. And you guys, gold edges.