Unlock your life lessons inside your birth chart

As a young girl, I was always curious about astrology. But I was also skeptical; I didn't understand how everyone in the world could fit into JUST one of 12 signs. At the time, I had no idea that we are each actually a collection of signs, and that those signs blend together to create a cosmic map of our traits, experiences and even strengths and weaknesses.

I still remember the first time I was introduced to moon signs - it's not something you forget! I had been traipsing along, thinking I was a little ol' Libra sun sign and that - was - it. When I found out my moon sign and ascendant/rising sign, I suddenly felt more understood on a deeper level. I felt like I knew myself better than I had before. And I think this is what astrology's gift to us really is.

Modern spirituality is not about following a set of rules; it's about reconnecting to ourselves in this highly digital age, and re-learning who we are, why we are here and what we can uniquely contribute to the greater whole.

This is why I think it's so important to find out your sun, moon and rising sign, which you can do here. I call these three signs the most important signs in your natal/birth chart because they offer an introduction to astrology before exploring the deeper aspects of your chart. They also offer you some serious insight into your personality, your secret self that you only show a few people, and how others and the world see you.

If those three aspects of your chart intrigue you, then I'd like to encourage you to explore your Lunar Nodes. Discovering my Lunar Nodes in my chart was another one of those memorable astrology moments that I really want others to experience as well.

The Lunar Nodes are a pair of signs: your North Node, and your South Node.



Your North Node determines the lessons you are here to learn. You know those burning questions of "WHY AM I HERE?" and "What is the point of all this, anyway?" - your North Node can help you understand the patterns you experience in your life. These patterns are often whispers into what your spirit has incarnated here to learn. Think of this part of your chart as your destiny or Life Lesson. This is the pull you feel. You know that thing, deep in your belly that drives you and pushes you? Your North Node may have some deeper insight.


Your South Node shines a light on some of your past life experiences, and who you were there. Now, if that isn't your jam, another way to look at this is the South Node representing who you were in your earlier life (or leading up to this point). It represents your innate strengths and abilities - sort of what you're a natural at without even trying. You know those things you're good at, or you do without even giving them much thought? Your South Node may have some deeper insight.

I find that learning these nodes helps us to understand some of our motivations and the lessons we have experienced so far.

When you reflect on your own life, even though you have experienced an array of events, if you look at those experiences with a mystical lens, you may find deep patterns that expose what you are here to learn.

Each major lesson may have different details, but when we dig down deep and look at the real lesson behind the event, the patterns we find there can be eye-opening.



To help shine a light on how these nodes work, I want to share some of my personal patterns to encourage you to look for the ones in your own life:

When I was a young girl, my father passed away from cancer. I remember feeling like I needed to step up after his passing, and become "the man of the house" despite being the youngest in my family. To my child mind, the man of the house kept things in order (soooo not true, but that topic is for another post). I remember my home life feeling like a constant chorus of sobs: my mom and sister were always crying. I wanted to regain a sense of order in our life - I wanted to fix this broken song - so I became an achiever. I was always a little bossy (or had natural leadership abilities), but I really began to explore them after this experience. My father's death felt out of my control and I needed to feel like I had a sense of control on other parts of my life to compensate for this imbalance. I got top grades, was a competitive dancer, cheerleader, singer, on student council, working a job - you name it.

Then, as a teenager, I was diagnosed with cancer. This also felt out of my control. The style of person I was becoming really went into overdrive, and my leadership qualities changed gears. I began learning how to talk and connect to people in order to persuade them into getting what I wanted (manipulation), so I could REALLY feel a sense of control in specific areas (largely, my relationships), to rebalance what was off kilter with my health and my life. I enrolled in a college program that was very strict and indulged my perfectionist tendencies.

In my early twenties, I began doing a lot of personal work to deal with the deep rooted anger I felt inside. I was incredibly angry by these two experiences - and others - but I didn't really like who I was becoming as a young women. This is what led me to explore some of the innate skills I had in spirituality.

In my mid-twenties, I became unexpectedly pregnant. I was not supposed to be fertile from the chemotherapy and radiation I had as a teenager, and becoming pregnant also felt out of my control. But I had already begun shifting as a person, and I was able to look at the experience in relation to some of the other things I had gone through.

Why was I always coming up against this lesson of control and feeling "in power" - even though the details kept changing?

It's not hard for me to push intensely and get things done. In fact, I enjoy being busy and keeping things in order. But despite this finesse for organization, I'm always drawn to the creative arts and creative thinking. Even though the program I took in college was all about rules and timelines and my perfectionist tendencies, it was an arts program, finessing my fiction, journalism and design skills.

I've always struggled balancing the left and right parts of my brain. I've been an art director, and then I've been a financial advisor. I love research and facts, but I also love philosophy and asking questions I don't have the answer to.

This analytical left-brained side is thanks to my South Node, which is in Virgo - Virgos are picky and detail-oriented. Dare I even call them the Perfectionists of the Zodiac. (But Beyonce is a Virgo so this is a major win in my eyes)

My creative right-brained pull is thanks to my North Node, which is in Pisces - Pisces are the feelers, intuitives and dreamers of the bunch.


The AstroTwins call this pairing of nodes the signs of health and healing. Those with this pairing have a destiny of service, healing and generosity. They may literally even work in the wellness industry. "These lunar nodes may veer into addiction or overcome health challenges. Later, they may become teachers and guides for others who struggle with these issues."

The North Node and South Node are always opposite signs. Here is a quick chart for the millennial generation, to determine what your nodes are (but check out the graphic above to find out your North Node).


Rather than offering you insight into each pairing, I want to share the Astro Arena - an online astrology writer who I find has explained the pairing of nodes so so well. The AstroTwins also do a wonderful job in showcasing this super cool part of your chart. I'd like to encourage you to find out your Lunar Nodes, and then read about them in the links below, because these experts have a beautiful way with words.
I just want to inspire you to look into this part of your chart.


Astrostyle.com: Aries and Libra Nodes, Taurus and Scorpio Nodes, Gemini and Sagittarius Nodes, Cancer and Capricorn Nodes, Leo and Aquarius Nodes, Virgo and Pisces Nodes.

Astroarena12.com: North Node Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces (that's me!).

I would LOVE to hear about your nodes and how you find their patterns in your own life. Please let me know in the comments below because I find this part of our charts so thought-provoking and stimulating!