Fortune Spread: the decision maker

I hope everyone is dusting off their tarot cards and diving head first into that incredible fall energy. Everything feels a bit more magical in the fall, and it seems even the moon, trees, and wind have more mystical energy. We're smack in the middle of Mercury Retrograde, and I'm sure you're feeling those deep waters of emotions and memories, casting a big net of uncertainty over you. We're coming into a powerful time. Big big change is on the horizon, and we should be using this time to ponder what is important to us, what we want in our lives, and how we should navigate to get there. Now is not the time for decisions, but for thinking, and weighing our potential options. Take this time to ponder, and use the Decision Maker Spread to help you lay out your options, letting the Universe offer the best potential option for you. Check out the spread below:

To begin, shuffle your deck until you feel satisfied, infusing your energy into the cards, asking for clarity on your current situation. When you are ready, cut the deck three times, and reassemble the deck to your liking. Cards one and two are definitive of your current situation, and what is crossing/hindering you at the moment. But cards three, four and five are potential options for you on how to handle or navigate the situation in question. For this unique spread, you may use more than three option cards (I offer an alternative five below). It's more important to pluck as many option cards as you feel guided to. But then you must only choose one card to turn over, identifying your best potential choice for the situation. Turn over one more card on top of your chosen option for clarity. And if you can, try not to turn over the unused options.

Card one: This card represents your current situation/question.
Card two: This card unveils what is currently crossing you/your situation.
Card three: Option one.
Card four: Option two.
Card five: Option three.
Card six: This card offers clarity on the best option that you chose.


Reversed cards can appear in a spread from time to time. I feel these cards are spotlighted, asking you to really look at them. They are usually the reverse meaning of what the card typically stands for. And while some readers don't read reversed cards and believe to read all aspects of the card at all times, I like to pay attention to a card when it appears in reverse. For example, the Queen of Cups represents inner calm, intuition and emotional security. She governs the emotions, and is often a psychic/healer or counsellor of some sort. She is only rivalled by the High Priestess, as a water card she is the most powerful intuitive. She thinks with her heart but not her head. However, reversed she represents insecurity and codependency. She might be feeling out of touch, disconnected or lost in a dream world. She may harbour inner self-loathing or rely too much on the opinion of others. In this spread, the Emperor, intense masculine energy is crossing her, representing authority, structure, and solid foundations, however he too was reversed, hence implying that the masculine energy is dominating, rigid, and not malleable.


My deck is from the beautiful Fountain Tarot, my new favourite whimsical deck inspired by sacred geometry and all things magical. This deck has an extra card in it, the fountain card, representing the need to stop and just be. You can also see them in our sidebar as one of Rogue Wood's loyal sponsors to this awesome tribe.