Ten ways to use lavender

Everyone's favourite herb is perhaps known for its sweet and soothing scent, but it also has many dynamic uses around the home and yard. If lavender is one of your faves, check out some of these awesome ways to use this plant that you may not have known about, including the dried flower, essential oil, floral water, and living blooms:


Adding lavender essential oil to facial oils like coconut, evening primrose, jojoba, rosehip oil and more, helps reduce scarring in skin and also treats acne-prone skin thanks to its antiseptic properties. Add 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil to a 25ml bottle of your favourite skin-safe oil.


If you have a problem with pests like deer in your yard, try planting some lavender in the problem areas. If the animals are snacking on some of your fruits/berries/veggies, a border of lavender will help protect them, since deer are deterred by the smell of lavender.


Filling a small satchel with dried lavender is a great aromatherapy technique to help you develop healthy bedtime rituals. Lavender releases a soothing scent that can help you relax and drift to sleep. Tuck a dream pillow on your night table or inside your pillowcase to keep the sweet fragrant scent wafting around you all night. Snag our dream pillows here.


Burning dried lavender is a great herb for smoke cleansing. You can use it alone or add it to other dried herbs, like pine, cedar, chamomile, sage varieties and more. Traditional folklore offered to burn lavender to activate its romantic properties of attraction when set aflame. If love spells are your jam, add some dried lavender to your rituals.


Lavender essential oil and dried herbs can be added to epsom salts, sea salts, dead sea salts and Himalayan rock salt to create a spa-like bathing experience. Lavender helps to soothe irritated skin and also has anti-fungal properties. Check out Provence, our lavender bath soak.


Lavender sugar is the dream. Add desired amount to your white sugar, and pulse through a blender. Pack the floral sugar tightly in a mason jar, and store it in a cool, dark place for two weeks to allow the lavender to infuse the sugar. You can add lavender sugar to some sweet summer recipes for a light floral treat.


Lavender essential oil helps reduce tension headaches. Apply the oil on your temples to help relieve aches. Remember: essential oils are potent. They should never be applied alone, as they can burn skin. Always cut your essential oils with a carrier oil, like jojoba. Add 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil to a 10ml roller filled with a carrier oil of your choice, to apply evenly and safely. Snag our lavender, Solace, pulse point oil here, to banish those headaches (and get a sweet perfume, too).


I have a secret diffuser blend that keeps my home fresh and smelling sweet. But not too sweet, you know?This isn't a bakery. Visitors always ask what that great smell is when they come over, and my secret is diffusing essential oils that help clean the air and remove pollutants. Here's the blend:

15 drops lavender
4 drops tea tree
6 drops eucalyptus
5 sweet birch
1 drop peppermint


If you're bombarded by mosquitos, but hate the scent of those unnatural, harsh bug sprays, try rubbing some dried lavender along your skin. The scent keeps the bugs away, and keeps you smelling sweet. And don't worry about covering every ounce of exposed skin - rub some along your arms, neck, and if your legs are exposed. It will be enough to keep them away from you since they won't come near the scent.


Keep your linens smelling sweet and fresh by keeping a couple tiny satchels or dried bundles in the linen closet. You can also hang some dried bundles in your dishes and food cabinets. They will help keep pests out of your space, and keep things smelling fresh.