Stone Age: Tangerine Quartz


Tangerine Quartz embodies all the properties of quartz crystals, but its warm, natural orange colour brings additional strengths. It enhances inner expansion and growth, and promotes healing to those suffering from self-sabotage, harbouring negative feelings from past events that are shameful or regretful, or simply something we are not proud of. It helps its owner to step into a new phase of life that moves in a higher, healthier and more positive vibration. It is a stone of emotional grounding, supercharging mental capabilities and creating an environment that invokes inspiration and creative ideas. It brings an inner knowingness to help us understand and digest the events that have transpired in our lives, bringing us peace and wisdom. As with many orange stones, Tangerine Quartz attracts authentic joy into our lives, helping us to experience a wholehearted and burning happiness, emanating from deep within our cores. It is a great stone to gift after someone has experienced trauma, as it attracts positivity, healing and understanding. It attracts fresh starts, bringing out your best self.


Tangerine Quartz is a natural orange crystal. It grows in areas surrounded by water, and has the presence of other minerals, affecting its colour. Since Tangerine Quartz is a naturally formed stone, its orange hue is not usually extremely vibrant, but higher grade varieties can be quite bold. They are typically a similar colour to salt lamps.


Tangerine Quartz is connected to the sacral chakra (pelvis), and can help with enhancing sexuality or creative energy. Since it grows surrounded by water, this stone is soothing and healing as well, bringing balance back to the emotional and mental subtle bodies.