Stone Age: Super Seven

Super Seven is one of the most important stones in our time. It unites the brother and sisterhoods of humanity, is an exceptional stone in meditation and never needs cleansing. | Rogue Wood Supply


You may have heard of the Super Seven crystal, though this name has been trademarked so it is also known as Melody Stone, and Sacred Seven. It's a powerful blend of seven stones including amethyst, cacoxenite, smoky, rutile and clear quartz, lepidocrosite, and goethite. It also retains all the properties of these seven stones, making for one whopping and powerful crystal. The combination of this quartz and mineral blend is far more formidable than just the stones properties combined. When united, this combination becomes even more powerful. Super Seven is a stone dedicated to sacred connections, uniting the brother and sisterhoods of humanity. It activates and heightens spiritual abilities and aligns all seven of the chakras. It promotes intense personal growth, taking the protective attributes of amethyst, the grounding properties of smoky quartz and the energy amplification of quartz with rutile, goethite, lepidocrocite, and cacoxenite. [Crystal Bible 2] This stone offers exceptional clarity and understanding of your own life, sacred journey and the complexities of those around you. Each shard of Super Seven contains a spiritual being within it, and that being is attuned to the highest source of guidance and inspiration. This stone is very powerful when used with meditation. These stones are most powerful when used in grids.


This stone typically comes in a dark purple variety but can also be a burnt orange colour, reddish and brown, depending on the variants of the seven crystals and minerals within the stone itself. Supposedly, all Super Seven stones have been mined out, however new variants of super five and super six are being discovered.


This stone is one of the few stones that never needs cleansing. It is said that this stone is shifting the vibration of the planet, everything upon it, helping bring us into the Aquarian age from Pisces. It heightens the vibration of other stones in its vicinity and also helps to bring the spirit back into communication with the divine. 

This crystal provided by Energy Muse.