Stone Age: Sunstone


Sunstone is a bright and positive stone, inviting the warmth and abundance of the sun's bold, infectious energy. It helps you remain in the present and encourages you to be original, develop unique ideas, and honour the independent part of yourself that is quintessentially - you. It brings you luck and high energy, so if you're looking to have a motivational boost to a new lifestyle routine, or you need a little extra oomph in the morning to keep up with your kids, keep Sunstone on you as a high energy amulet. It helps renew vitality, making you feel awake and alive! If you have experienced any loss, Sunstone can bring positivity back to you; it provides strength during difficult times and protection if you are feeling emotionally weakened. If anyone has attached a cord to you, or has hooked their energy into yours and is depleting you, Sunstone gently unhooks these ties, returning them to where they came. It helps you to stand in your power and return an optimistic outlook to you. Sunstone holds masculine energy and works immensely well when used with moonstone to balance the masculine and feminine energies within for optimal healing and growth.


Sunstone comes in shades of orange and yellow, and red, gold and brown and can be completely opaque or have transparent parts within. It is made up of flecks that sparkle (like the sun) and can sometimes appear to be iridescent and shimmer-like through the varying shades of colour when turned in the light.


Sunstone may attract fame and attention to you, making you as sparkling and infectious like the sun! If you are entering any sort of competition or where there may be more eyes on you than normal, Sunstone would be a good choice to keep on you. Besides, it's super lucky, too!