Stone Age: Sunset Aura Quartz


Quartz varieties are master healers. Each variety will bring additional properties with it while amplifying the properties of other crystals around it making it a powerful addition to your crystal collection! Sunset Aura Quartz is immensely healing to the heart and sacral chakras, and invites profound creativity in its wake. If you've been hindered by heart ache or have felt a lack in vitality or sexual energy, Sunset Aura Quartz can help clear any blocks hanging out in these areas. It helps return sexual prowess to you, invites an open heart, and unleashes bold creativity. If you've had creative blocks, it can also help smooth out these ripples, inviting new and impressive ideas. It can re-attune you to trust others again, even if you've been crossed or deceived in the past, healing wounds that are new and old. It is well matched to those in creative fields or to those who require creative thinking/problem solving on a regular basis. It sparks great ideas when gazed upon, making it a good stone to keep at home or in the workplace. 


Sunset Aura Quartz has an orange glow with rainbow inflections in the light. It is a peachy, pink stone, and transparent! There are so many bright angles that it can be tricky to identify because these stones have been infused with other minerals. It is a relatively new aura quartz, and is sometimes called peach aura.


There are so many new quartz varieties being born lately that you may find many crystals with the same makeup utilizing different names. Once stone may have four different names! Many are manmade, infusing other minerals into the quartz stone, creating an entirely new look. Because of this, many stones are similar or misidentified. If you're not sure, refer to an expert.