Stone Age: Stilbite


Stilbite is a deeply creative stone. It helps stimulate creativity in the brain, but also enhances logic, making this a great stone to promote a balanced brain. It is linked with the heart chakra and helps you to put heart into everything you do, regardless of whether your focus is more left or right brained. It is a great stone for those who work in artistic fields, but also for those who offer care to others since it helps its owner emit soothing, heart-centred energy. It can help its owner retain important information, especially with metaphysical work, making it a good tool to use in spiritual travel and past life work. But is also good to use during moments where you want to be certain you are understanding a situation thoroughly whether it is a spiritually-focused event or not. Stilbite would be great in an intense area of study or during a new experience. It can also help stimulate connection with your spiritual team: angels, guardians, guides, power animals, ancestors, etc., and is a stone perfect for helping you manifest your dreams.


Stilbite is often made of warm-hued colours ranging from white, to yellow, to orange, to brown. It is often found in a peachy hue with pocks of iridescent white shards. I find it looks like himalayan rock salt (salt lamps) at times, but with a bit more sparkle, or fragments that catch the light.


Thanks to its properties in balancing the brain in multiple areas, Stilbite is a great stone to gift to those living with ADD or ADHD. If you're having a hard time organizing your thoughts, or articulating yourself in a way that matches your thoughts, keeping a piece of Stilbite in your pocket can assist you in speaking your mind clearly and in a way that is heart-centred.