Stone Age: Stichtite


If you have any unresolved issues of the heart, be that an abrupt halt in a relationship, a romantic interest you can't get over, devastation from a lost loved one, etc, Stichtite is a profound stone to quell these burdens, stirring up love and forgiveness in your heart. It is one of many stones that stimulates the kundalini energy found at the base of your spine, like serpentine. When this raw kundalini energy is stimulated it can lead to spiritual enlightenment. This stone has a deep connection to the heart chakra - it even looks like a little heart! - and would do wonders in the healing of your heart when worn as a pendant or amulet around the neck. It helps you to let go, to forgive others and to bring peace within yourself. It can also help you to feel more affectionate toward others, be that platonic or romantic. Also, if you're looking to make contact with your guides or the angelic realm, Stichtite can act as a touchstone for these connections, and pairs well with other powerful stones (like angelite or seraphinite) to make continuous contact.


Stichtite comes in a wide variety of colours, but most commonly purple, blue and green. The colour can appear flat or "muddy" but is typically a tricky stone to identify. It is also commonly found within other stones, creating an entirely new stone.


This crystal helps to release stubbornness and can help you to resolve these difficult feelings. It eliminates any negative inner dialogue and releases the toxic emotions of loneliness, and isolation. It is good to keep on your if you feel any unease.

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