Stone Age: Spirit Quartz


Sometimes called Cactus Quartz, Spirit Quartz is a team-oriented crystal. It helps strengthen bonds within a group, large or small. Its bonding properties also make it a great stone to keep in the home as it promotes healthy environments for deep connections to grow, especially if there are new members joining the family, say a new birth, a union between two people, blended families and more. It is deeply balancing, helping to stimulate spiritual strength and abilities, while neutralizing any out of balance yin and yang energy. It heals past traumatic experiences and is a universally loving stone to initiate deep healing. This crystal can facilitate an intense rebirthing process as well, that can be transformative and scary but a powerful catalyst for eye-opening growth. When working with this stone for a long time, we can begin to see ourselves the way others see us, which can bring us deep clarity and wisdom. It brings passion and creativity and is especially good for artistic people and projects.


Known for its sparkly lavender hue, this crystal comes in pastel shades of pink and even blue. But Spirit Quartz is unique it its quartz family. It is encrusted with many tiny little points on a larger point, where most others in this family lack the sparkly-crust-like exterior. An amethyst based Spirit Quartz will be in the colours above, but a citrine base will be yellowish, a smoky base will be brownish grey, and a white base will be cloudy to transparent. These will also have additional properties.


Spirit Quartz is a soothing and guiding stone that helps the soul journey into the afterlife once it has left the body, making is a good grief stone for those who have lost a loved one, providing comfort that they are guided safely into their next journey.