Stone age: Sodalite


Sodalite unites our intuitive abilities with our logical side to give us a well rounded understanding of a particular situation. It promotes a drive for the highest truth, carving out your deepest beliefs that resonate with your soul and helping you to stay true to yourself. It is great to keep next to electronics, as it absorbs electromagnetic smog or people struggling with sick building syndrome. This stone encourages rational thought processes, dispels intellectual confusion, and dissolves old ideas or mental bondage. It removes old mental conditioning, opening and preparing you for your new truth. It calms panic attacks, absolves guilt and enhances self-trust. It will help you to do your shadow work in an objective manner, without drowning you in the sorrows of the past. This stone will help you release pain that no longer serves you.


This dreamy, ocean-like stone has varying blue intensities but is often pocked with white clouds and dark shards. It's blue formations are often swirling into themselves, very reminiscent of deep waters. It is mottled and often comes tumbled.


If you're struggling within a particular area of your life, Sodalite is a great meditation partner. It helps induce a deeper level of mediation, and pulls answers to the surface for you, in a way that clarifies your situation. Meditate with Sodalite with an intention or question, and watch your answers bubble up to the surface with brilliant clarity.