Stone Age: Smoky Quartz


This crystal is a great grounding stone. Since it is so grounding, it is a great accompaniment to your meditation practice, linking your spiritual self in strong grounded earth energy. It is a gentle protector, keeping its owner safe without sending any harsh vibrations out to those sending you ill-wishes. It transforms negativity into positivity, making it a great crystal if you're feeling overwhelmed, bogged down or just plain old negative and pessimistic. (Hey, we all get that way sometimes.) So if you want to get out of your funk, tuck Smoky Quartz in your pocket. It will help you prioritize what needs fixing/changing. If you work in groups or with more than one person, this stone is great for encouraging harmony and cooperation. It would be great to bring along to a brainstorm meeting. So if you're collecting some "business" stones, add Smoky Quartz to your spiritual toolbox at work.


Smoky Quartz is brownish grey in colour often maintaining some translucent properties like many quartz crystals. Mine above is polished, showing is transparency and bold cracks and bubbles. It is relatively easy to track down at most metaphysical stores.


Smoky quartz is a mood elevator, making it a great gift for someone going through a hard time. It encourages inner strength and soothes fear and anger. Its calming energies are excellent at helping quell grief. It's also a great stone for those suffering from nightmares or ADD thanks to its soothing vibration.

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