Stone Age: Smoky Citrine


Smoky Citrine has the powerful ability of removing obstacles and blockages from your path, and if you're someone who has felt stuck or unable to break out of your funk, Smoky Citrine is a phenomenal crystal teacher to work with. It does not need cleansing since it actually doesn't hang on to negativity the way other stones may, making it a super low maintenance - but powerful - addition to your toolkit. Smoky Citrine contains vibrations of abundance, and dispels outdated thought patterns that could be holding you back or making you suffer. It can move you into a position of deeper expansion and growth, while attracting luck and happiness. It still invites prosperity and wealth/business luck like regular citrine, but also has a grounding component to it to help keep you rooted to earth energy and practicality. It is a great changemaker while blending some citrine and smoky quartz properties together.


Smoky Citrine looks like a fusion of citrine and smoky quartz, and it is in the quartz family. It is yellowish to dark brown, and lacks the bright yellow and deep orange hue that many pieces of citrine can fade into. It often has an overall amber glow, with more yellow undertones than most smoky quartz have, but it can be tricky to identify to the untrained eye.


If you have made any promises, oaths or pledges in previous lives, they could be affecting how you experience your current life. Examples may be pledging a life of servitude, or even a dedication to poverty or distress, or even illness. These types of "promises" may have been an attempt to understand these hardships on a deeper level, but they can actually hinder your daily life and make you feel stuck or unlucky. Smoky Citrine helps to shift these oaths in a gentle way that makes them work for you in this life, allowing you to still learn these important soul lessons but in a way that is constructive. This allows you to truly grow and expand, continuing forward on your soul journey.