Stone Age: Silver Topaz

I've taken some time off to adjust to bringing Hawksley home, but I can't wait to share today's Stone Age crystal as it is a true beauty of a stone. It oozes positivity! It's a particularly good stone to have on you if you're going through any changes or adjustments in your life and need help through the transition. Check out the benefits of Silver Topaz below:


Also called White Topaz, Silver Topaz is a wonderful success stone. It zaps negativity and attracts the highest good to its owner. It helps put its owner in a place of acceptance and allowance in order to receive spiritual guidance and wisdom, often sending a lightning bolt of clarity and awareness. Silver Topaz often helps achieve one's desires quickly thanks to the receptive state it encourages, inducing positive change. If you're feeling low, Silver topaz is a great stone for boosting energy and can help dissolve any negative feelings. The more this stone is used the more powerful its manifestation properties become as it attunes to its owner.


This clear or cloudy white stone often has golden flecks trapped inside. Polished or raw it is slightly transparent. Other variations of topaz include blue, pink and a yellowish gold.


Silver Topaz carries the vibration of spiritual truth and blends well with quartz stones to help amplify its positivity. It removes blockages and funnels in the highest good for all concerned, lifting the cloud and revealing clarity, personal truth and true desire. It is a great stone to carve out your best path.

Stone Age showcases one new gemstone per week. Since there is a lot to know about crystals, I only cover the high points I find interesting. If you're curious about a certain stone, leave a comment below and I'll be sure to feature it. What crystals have you worked with?