Stone Age: Shamanic Dream

When I saw this crystal, something strange happened: I couldn't leave the table that it sat on until I held it. It held me in its gravitational pull and wouldn't let me go. I was mesmerized. It's been a long time since a crystal had that kind of power over me. I've had a hugely deep desire to explore more shamanistic influences lately, and low and behold, the Shamanic dream stone finds me. Check this guy out:


Also called Lodolite, this stone is meant for dreamwork or shamanic divination. Many shamans embark on vision quests and these stones are a great partner in crime. It helps unveil the issues affecting your personal life, potentially keeping you back from personal growth. These crystals act as a portal to your inner worlds. It is a great stone to connect you to your spirit or power animal, helping to grow your spiritual team. It can also help you to focus your dream energy, potentially enhancing dream symbols, lucid dreaming, messages from your guides, dream control and recall, lighting up your dream life. These stones are incredibly absorbing so they do need to be cleansed after every use. It can be known to dramatically change your dreamscape. As this crystal is largely clear quartz, it holds the properties of that crystal, making it very healing and a stone of power. By gazing into this crystal it is said that one's consciousness shifts. 


These stones are polished making the worlds inside them come alive. They are clear quartz with flecks of iron, chlorite, rutilated quartz, smoky quartz and more. The polished egg-like appearance is what helps make the inner crystals transform, creating a sort of lens-like effect. Looking into this crystal is mesmerizing as each angle unveils something completely different.


This stone is great to use in meditation, beginning by gazing into the stone as a form of scrying, day dreaming, or vision-seeking. It will help you to astral travel to speak with our ancestors, guides and other spiritual team.

What crystals would you like to know more about? Stone Age showcases one new gemstone per week. Since there is a lot to know about crystals, I only cover the high points I find interesting. If you're curious about a certain stone, leave a comment below and I'll be sure to feature it.