Stone Age: Serpentine


Sometimes called New Jade, Serpentine activates its owner's kundalini energy, the raw, primitive energy that circulates at the base of the spine. Once this energy is awakened and pulled up the spine through the chakras, spiritual enlightenment may be attained. This energy can help clear any blocked chakras and can also stimulate arousal or sexual feelings. If you've been exploring crystals and are ready for the next step, acquiring Serpentine is a good follow up. It will help you become more aware of your personal energies. Place Serpentine in the centre palace of your home (that's the very middle of your home regardless of irregular shaped houses or apartments) to help invoke balance in all areas of your life.


This crystal resembles the skin on a serpent, hence being named Serpentine. Its varying shades of green are very reptilian and earthy, making it a great stone to connect you to your "serpent power" or kundalini energy.


Snakes or serpents shed their skin, revealing a new version of themselves. Keep this visual in mind when working with Serpentine and never be scared of the symbol of the snake! The snake means change and shedding old ways. If you have any stagnant energy around you, Serpentine will help you be rid of it.

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