Stone Age: Selenite


Selenite is a mental stone, and can help with intellectual prowess and strength. It brings clarity and conviction, and can even help you to make decisions more easily. It promotes honesty in personal and professional relationships, and can help bring the truth to light if it has been hidden. But thanks to its strong connection to the moon (selene is the Greek word for moon), it encourages strong intuitive abilities and psychic insight, and can even strengthen the relationship between you and your psychic team. It dissolves negativity and brings bonds with the angelic realm thanks to its ties to divine truth. Selenite enhances the other stones it is with, while keeping them energetically charged and cleansed. It's a great crystal to keep on your altar thanks to its spiritually heightening abilities, connection to guides and guardians, and because it often comes in a wand-like shape! Use the wand to help remove energetic blocks in your aura. Energy Muse has a great how-to in removing blocks from the aura using Selenite wands, erasing impurities. I highly recommend!


Selenite is bright white with an irridescent lustre. It often has long stripe-like shards coursing throughout, but can spiral in on itself as well, like desert rose ( a form of selenite). It is very fragile and can break easily thanks to its brittle nature, but is a very powerful stone to work with. It is very common and can be found in most places of the world.


A popular way of using Selenite is in home protection, thanks to the stone's angelic properties. It is a good substitute to use for quartz in home gridding because it's stripe-like body helps direct protective energy. Placing these crystals on your windowsills helps create a protective barrier around your home.