Stone Age: Scolecite


This stone will transform your life. Scolecite is a high vibration crystal, giving it the power to communicate with spirit. This direct connectedness makes it an intense crystal for spiritual advancement. It can help manifest your deepest desires in life. It's connected to deep spiritual love, and can invoke a true calmness through your being. Instantly. It is said to be one of the most peaceful stones available. So if you're feeling stressed or are going through a period of anxiety and need immediate relief, seek out this stone. Scolecite has a unique ability to make you more aware of patterns and synchronicities, helping you to understand others better, and to better network and improve relationships. It encourages the understanding of problems so a solution can be sought quicker. It can help you to take control of your life.


Scolecite is usually a milky white colour, but it can also have transparent elements or come in faintly warm hues, like pink and yellow. It usually has stripes or nodules with a slightly iridescent touch to it, while being even more opaque than the rest of the crystal.


Scolecite is the stone of the lightworkers. Whatever your higher nature or higher purpose may be, this stone can give you the direct connection to that intention. It helps you pay attention to the subtle messages out there, and connect with the Akashic Record so you can download all the ancient wisdom of the universe.

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