Stone Age: Sapphire


Sapphire is a wisdom stone. It helps its owner seek out spiritual truth and keeps them on their spiritual path - but! It's extra necessary for the crystal beginner to add to her toolkit to help her carve out her path. This gem encourages speaking one's truth, pulling out one's truest and deepest desires or motives from waaaay down inside us. It smoothes out spiritual confusion as we can often be inundated and presented with so many overwhelming ideas and pulled in many directions. It quickly becomes a staple even among advanced crystal users as its balanced energy keeps us confident and sure about the direction our spiritual lives are growing in. If you're feeling frustrated in any area, Sapphire is great at transmuting this energy, dissolving it so it no longer ails you. Sapphire can help you let your real self out.


Sapphire isn't as bright as those birthstone earrings you first got your ears pierced with. It's a darker shade of blue and very deep, but can sometimes come in yellow, green, black, pink, white and purple. It is often cloudy and opaque but can be transparent when the cut is polished. It can be hard to identify in its other coloured forms and is best discerned by a specialist.


In shamanic practices, Sapphire is often used to neutralize any negative energies. It's also great for unblocking anything constricting one's throat chakra, which can impact expressing your true feelings. If this is happening to you, meditate with sapphire around your neck, possibly faceted in a necklace.

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