Stone Age: Ruby Fuchsite


Also known as "green muscovite," Fuchsite is a stone for people and healers who are drawn to holistic remedies and natural medicine. It helps channel the wisdom of plants and herbs, and is deeply connected to improving the health of the body. Fuchsite attracts the caregivers of the world, and if you find yourself drawn to this stone, there may be an underlying tone in your life of servitude or caring for others. But Fuchsite helps to disconnect you from the obligations or overwhelming responsibilities you may feel to others, especially if they have become detrimental to your own health. This stone helps guide you to a healthier way of offering assistance to others, without compromising your own wellbeing, or feelings of martyrdom. If you feel unworthy or not good enough, Fuchsite gently reminds you of your true worth. It is dedicated to propelling soul growth through holding you back just enough to teach much needed lessons. If you've undergone any emotional trauma, this stone will help you to feel resilient and powerful again. Lastly, Fuchsite amplifies the energy of other crystals around it, to promote the best healing possible.


Fuchsite is a green stone with plate-like, layered inclusions. It's light veining resembles a marbled texture when it is tumbled, but raw varieties have a similar pocky look to pyrite. This variety has ruby inclusions set throughout, acting like bold flowers in a bed of moss.


Ruby Fuchsite will house properties of both Fuchsite and Ruby, but will create a new energy when these properties are combined. When stone's are found together, they're individual properties remain, but they also take on a new personality. Taking the healing properties of Fuchsite's tough love approach, Ruby helps instill an energetic vigor, encouraging a new passion for life. This combination shows its owner a better course of action, helping you to retain a newly found confidence, feelings of vitality and wellness when you work with it. It dissolves actions and ideas that no longer serve you, replacing them with a healthy, powerful spirit.