Stone Age: Ruby


Ruby is an energizing stone. It encourages a deep passion for life and carries some similar energies to garnet. It helps your dreams develop roots, giving them practicality and depth. It also protects you against psychic attack, the energy when a person knowingly or unknowingly sends you unhealthy energy. This stone balances the heart and any dis-ease that may be hanging out there, drumming up any frustration, negativity or anger and carefully dissolves it. Ruby encourages bold, positive leadership and is a wildly sociable stone. If you need to evoke impact on a large group by leading with positivity, seek out this stone. It also a love stone, and supports sexual energy. It can act as a big spark in a romantic relationship and pairs well with other love stones. Ruby also helps you recover from exhaustion (as it is so invigorating), and helps attract long-term luck in wealth to you.


Ruby is surprisingly heavy! Even a small stone will carry some weight. It is very dark red (some fabricated varieties can be very bright, though a true bright ruby is rare and expensive - it does exist). Ruby looks more crimson/maroon, and when tumbled can be completely opaque or a bit of transparency.


Since Ruby is so potent and vigorous, if you are someone who is prone to moodiness or irritability, this stone may overstimulate your sensitive emotions and cause mood swings. If you feel as though you are a fairly stable or unshakeable, this stone can be extremely effective for you rather than overwhelming. It's powerful!