Stone Age: Rhodonite


As a pink stone, Rhodonite is linked with the heart, and acts as an emotional balancer. It heals emotional wounds, shocks to the system, feelings of panic of unease, and lends supportive energy to the soul. It is gentle and nurturing, and can help you to realize your highest potential possible. If you're hanging on to any soul loss or emotional wounds, Rhodonite will gently transmute that pain, clearing it away and replacing it with unselfish love, forgiveness and honesty. This makes it great for past-life work. This stone helps keep you out of upsetting situations, thanks to its ability to put its owner in a hyper aware state that is able to assess situations from a balanced perspective, eliminating thoughts of retaliation, jealousy or strife. It reminds you that what you send out, you get back, especially if it is unhealthy, and that hurting others in turn hurts you, too.


Rhodonite is pink or red and often has black coursing throughout. These stones can also come primarily black with faint pink to red fragments. The rose-coloured typed are often milky in appearance, or soft-looking.


Rhodonite is a stone that "encourages the brotherhood/sisterhood of humanity," connecting us all together in a way that helps us to promote each others strengths. This is most effective when used in meditation and affirmations, and can help you to feel more connected to others and more spiritual within the process.