Stone Age: Red Malachite


Red Malachite is incredibly courageous. It is a positive stone that stimulates bravery and positivity, making it great to keep on you when you are doing something that is difficult for you. It is also a good partner for someone who is moving out of depression or anxiety as it helps its owner feel alive and well, with a renewed and appreciative zest for life. It dispels fears and brings clarity to painful situations and circumstances for a therapeutic healing. It brings inner peace and shines a light on the little things in life - the little things that can be under appreciated, overlooked or forgotten. It is a wonderful partner to use during meditation to help you look on the bright side. This stone helps centre its owner, and ignites a deep burning motivation within it's fire-y energy.


If the planet mars could be a stone, it would be red malachite. This stone comes in varieties of brown, orange and a reddish hue, but has pale cream-like bands that course throughout. These bands are often cloudy or speckled, as if there is a dusting around the stone. Malachite is identifiable thanks to the bands that wrap around it.


This stone will also carry all the properties of malachite, though its colour brings additional positive properties to its owner. While malachite is an amplifier, red malachite is a fire-y motivational amplifier. It can sometimes be confused with banded red jasper.