Stone Age: Rainbow Fluorite


Rainbow Fluorite rapidly heightens mental abilities, making you more alert, better at organization and acutely aware. It brings bright clarity to its owner, and stimulates the correct course of action in order to move into a healthier space, if required. It arranges linear thought patterns so you can focus and articulate yourself in an elegant way. It is truly a great partner for anything requiring intense focus and concentration, making it a wonderful study buddy. It absorbs negativity in your physical environment, making it ideal in high-stress areas and situations. Placing it in the bustling area of the home will help to stimulate ease. Because of this, it should be cleansed more frequently than most stones. This stone acts as a healer in mental, emotional and spiritual areas.


Rainbow Fluorite is a mixture of beautiful lavenders, pinks, blues greens and greys, though its distinct colour spectrum is purple, blue and green. This stone often has waves of these colours that flow into each other, and can sometimes have the stripe-blend that an agate has. It often has a variety of these hues within it, but not necessarily all of them, though some do! It can also sometimes have flecks of pyrite within its core.


Fluorite comes in a variety of colours and shades, but Rainbow Fluorite houses the properties of all these varieties. Purple typically improves psychic development and our feelings of divine connectedness. Blue is soothing to the throat chakra and any ailments in this area (communication). Green is healing and courageous, and connects us to the earth plane.