Stone Age: Pyrite


Pyrite carries raw fire energy deep inside its core, making it a great motivator for making your own success. Its energies fill its owner with a boldness that can help propel new ideas and creativity. Though it is a protective stone, it is a better conduit to help its owner act as a protector for someone else or for her/himself, denoting strength and power. It's a great stone for leadership, so if you want to get noticed at work or nominated for that promotion, keep this little guy with you. It is also a great gem for manifestation, so if you're working toward a specific goal, Pyrite will be able to help you seize those dreams and stick to your guns.


This stone is lustrous and metallic in appearance. It is often reflective when flat and has a gold hue - but is actually lighter in colour than gold. My two in the above photo show the reflective surface it holds but how a chip or crack can absorb light as well. These little nuggets are rather heavy, too. Heavier than "real" gold - but let's not say that in front of Pyrite. They're really entirely different crystals.


Pyrite is sometimes known as "Fool's Gold" but don't let that deter you from its abilities. With such a fiery protective nature, this stone is good to keep on you if you're entering a potentially dangerous situation or need a bit more courage. Since Pyrite is a very masculine stone, it is great for women to carry to help them feel empowered and in control. It is deeply grounding.

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