Stone Age: Pink Opal


As a pink stone, Opal is closely linked to the heart. It is deeply healing, and helps soothe emotional trauma. Sometimes called "the stone of hope," Opal helps you focus on the positive and where you need to go, rather than dwelling on what has been. It helps release outdated beliefs or habits that are no longer serving you, encouraging hope for the future. It also promotes love, so if you're looking for a crystal to heal an old relationship, attract a new one, or promote stability in an existing relationship, Opal is a great choice. It also stimulates compassion, and can help you see the motives of others, helping you to understand where they come from. Opal is a fantastic choice for sensitive people or empaths; if you sometimes feel overwhelmed by emotions or events, Opal is a calming and gentle companion to keep with you. If you need to improve your intuitive abilities, it is said Pink Opal stimulates a mystical consciousness to help unlock your intuitive potential.


Pink Opal has shades of soft pink, with grey, white and lavender inflections. It can sometimes have thin veining or "craters". These stones are rather soft and should be handled carefully, as they can crack if exposed to too much heat. Make sure they aren't kept in the sun, and ensure they do not get wet.


Pink Opal helps keep the portals of communication to the Angelic Realm open and clear; if you're looking to work with Angelic influence, Opal is a good choice to establish a relationship with a specific Archangel, and channel their influence, help and guidance throughout your daily life.