Stone Age: Pink Aventurine


This pink stone is a great partner for working on self-love. Pink Aventurine helps you to embrace your being, returning joy to your existence, showing you that the only person holding you back is yourself. It helps expose potential options to your life's path, offering alternatives to your current status and giving you the heart and courage to make any necessary changes that you may need. It releases feelings of entrapment or entanglement so you can continue to grow and shine. It also dissolves feelings of confinement, allowing you to spread your wings and breathe. A stone of truth, Pink Aventurine may increase positivity and self-confidence, and help you to reclaim your power. It carries a warm loving energy, making it a great conductor for romantic love and for energetic amplification.


This crystal varies from a salmon pink colour to a deep rose. Higher quality stones will have transparent parts, making this stone slightly translucent, although there are many opaque forms. It has very tiny grainy flecks of deep colour or "glitter" and some stones may have more flecks than others, rendering parts of the stone completely opaque. Other forms of aventurine come in varying colours, such as green, blue, red, brown and peach. Check out other aventurine colours here.


Pink Aventurine is also known for increasing creative expression, encouraging you to express the truest parts of you, specifically in an art form. It is a good stone for painters, jewellers, writers, singers, or performers of any kind.

This crystal provided by Energy Muse